5 Essential WordPress Plugins for your online Business

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Novelty in technology serves your business as a cup of hot latte coffee, uplifting and equally effective. Coffee is an obligation for many and technology is a support for businesses to make millions of penny…

The aromatic coffee and technology serves poles apart and herewith the rhyming of words is alluring to state its efficacy.

wordpress plugins

My point is simple when it comes to your e-commerce business, technology can be a lot developer’s tool, an important yardstick if chosen as a wise platform for your website. By technology for developers I mean, WordPress, which is used by over 60 million people worldwide.

It is defined as customizable software that aids your needs of optimizing business sites effectively. The availability of tools and plugins bought a major breakthrough into the entire blogging scene thus aiding various purposes such as SEO, anti-spam, content-sharing, image optimization, commenting and bookmarking for few.

If you are using WordPress for your business, it’s imperative to know that you have access to thousands of WordPress plugins that can enhance functionality of your site. Capitalize on your content and impel traffic and results to your site strategically. Pick your own favorite Plugins online as I compile a list of few robust ones herewith:

Content Aware Sidebars (Free)

If you’ve been using various content management systems as Joomla, you will be quick to judge that one requires assigning the widgets to few specific pages or posts online. Since there’s no way out to complete the thing in WordPress by any sense, content Aware Sidebars comes handy.


The plugin allows its user to create boundless numbers of sidebars (Widget areas) to let it assign to any specific categories, posts or pages accordingly. To be basically precise, it creates a virtual widget area by completely replacing the real area for the specified pages.

Once the sidebar gets created, it clearly shows up in Appearance >> Widgets with all other widget areas.

W3 Total Cache(Free)

A site’s caching necessities completely dependents upon the website itself. To improve the performance of sites loaded with bulky images and scripts, cache plugins are all you require. W3 Total Cache is a free Plugin, which comes with excellent caching features the way you need. Since the interface is a sort of overwhelming for any user it’s recommended to start testing the features carefully.

It is a complete user’s thing as it can dramatically improve the performance by caching the objects, pages and minifying the database by content delivery network support.

Enhanced Text Widget

The text widget that is there with WordPress is certainly very useful but it indeed lacks various imperative features as well. The Enhanced Text Widget is entirely free that lets you utilize various other feature- rich texts for users. Some of its important features are:

  • Assigns CSS classes to Widget
  • Supports texts and other codes including HTML, Flash, Java Script
  • Turns widget titles into links automatically.
  • Allows user to hide or show titles

Google Analytics for WordPress

It is one of the in-depth finest solutions to enhance the performance of your website. Google Analytics for WordPress give detailed and precise stats of how your website is working online.

To help this up, proper coding can be added inside theme’s header tag, which is easier to be set with a Plugin.

WP Smush.IT

It is certainly one of the essential parts of Plugin as it helps in resizing and optimizing the images of your media library. It’s quite sincerely used to improve the performance of your site and reduce its loading speed.


WP Smush.IT Plugin lets you very well reduce the size of the file and images that are yet to be uploaded or already uploaded without affecting the quality. The feature comes with compressing bulk images automatically.

Apparently, there are such hundreds of them but these few I mentioned above are indeed few must-haves for better conversion rate of your e-commerce business online.


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