10 Tips to Attract More Visitors to Your Blog

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Attract More Visitors to Your Blog with this useful tips. Many of my friends always ask me a questions about my way of blogging. Although I am not an expert and I have nothing to hide, I always reveal my secrets on Tricks Machine. So today I am here with 10 tips which I found useful and will help bloggers to attract more visitors to their website/blogs. There is no one set formula for getting website traffic, but using a variety of techniques is a better way to accomplish this objective.

Attract More Visitors to Your Blog

1. Be patient: Success does not happen overnight! –

To be honest with you, there’s one thing I learned in past 3 years of blogging, is patience! Do you really believe we can make 10,000 visits per day overnight? Come on, let’s be reasonable and go back down to Earth! So, continue working hard and do not lose heart. Good things happen to those who wait.  It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen!

2. Daily blogging –

We all know that Google loves to index sites or blogs that are updated regularly. Depending on your theme, I admit that this is not always easy, but some categories can blog daily. If you are writing info that people want to read, they will come and read, they will share, they will tell all their friends and you will get the bonus 🙂

3. Write posts that people will want to read –

This is one of the important point need to be consider but many bloggers forget that their readers are real people and that you need to maintain the theme of the blog instead of accepting any paid posts and all.  If you write posts that people enjoy reading, they will reward you by returning to your blog regularly.

4. Be unique –

Unique posts tend to drive lots of traffic to your site / blog, because visitors can’t find the piece of information you are providing them in any other blog. And if your post is interesting too, then you visitors will spread the word for you. So get out of the original, try to be unique. You’re the only master on your boat.

5. Comment on other blogs –

The easiest way to attract some visitors to your blog. Visit the blogs of your niche and swing a few comments. Leave a constructive comment that adds value to the article. The administrator of the blog and some of his readers will visit your blog to learn more about you.

6. Reply to your commentators –

When a readers comments to your blog, reply to them. That will make readers feel more welcome. You can send him or her an email thanking him for the comment.

7. Social media Marketing –

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flikr, Digg, Stumbleupon and others allow you to build a community of “friends” who will re—tweet or pass along your links. You must actively participate in these social media communities. It is just like off-line networking.

8. Giveaway –

If you offer your visitors something extra at no cost then people would visit your blog more often.

9. Guest posts –

Give your readers and visitors opportunity to write a Guest post which will also help you to increase traffic for your blog. The guest poster will promote his post to his friends and this will make your blog traffic increase.

10. SEO Contents –

To get more visitors to your blog from search engines you need to have content which is so called SEO content.  You need to write an articles in such a way that the Search engines will pick up on the content and list your site high up in search results and then your blog will get more visitors automatically.

If you have any suggestion or you want to add something to above points then share it with us via comments. How do you attract your visitors?


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