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With the ubiquity of smartphones, we are all photographers now. But there are techniques and knowledge in the photographic world that goes far beyond seeking the best composition, or best framing, to find the best filter to apply.


It is when we disclaim auto mode of the camera, and began experimenting with Manual Mode, with the shutter speed and compensate for this with the ISO, where the photographic world really reveals all its glory. And this is exactly what Canon wants to rescue, with a website specifically created to  teach about these values, and how they affect our photography.

Canon Explains Exposure have 3 sections on their website-  Learn, Play and Challenge. Go through all pages respectively and I can say that after reading all sections seriously one can easily learn the best photography tips online with their website.

In Learn section, they have explained all basic things including Aperture, Exposure, Shutter Speed and ISO which you need to know for photography. In the Play section you can play with the shots by adjusting Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO to take some shots. And after you think you are good enough to take photos then go through their Challenge section. You will get different challenges and you have to complete them using your own settings by taking a Shot.


Once you capture an image, you will receive relevant information on the choices made. In the example above, the picture came out overexposed (too light), because I chose an ISO too high for a relatively well lit image. Setting the ISO to 400 (and maintaining speed in 1/125, and Aperture: 3.5), I got following results.


This is the great way to experiment with your camera settings without having the camera in hand and learn some photography tricks on the fly. This website will definatly help you a newbie to learn about Aperture, Exposure, Shutter Speed and ISO.

VISIT Canon Explains Exposure


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