How To Change the Default Album Arts of Music Files on Android

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Android native media player can’t edit music files alum art. So that you have empty, missing or mismatch covers.  If you’re not aware of this topic, album art is a small thumbnail which display while you play the music files. We all of them like to maintain a fancy media library, now you can easily import almost all the music album art to your handset.  This post I added two android applications, you can select one of the app.

These applications are used the artist name and album name to download the album cover. So before follow this guide, make sure that you have correct information on your music files. If there’s any wrong information’s it will download wrong image.

Cover art Graber


This is a free android app. It has an ability to fetch missing cover manually and automatically. If there’s any wrong image, this app replaces the correct cover. Apart from that, it uses a correct resolution image for better performances.

How to use?

  • First download the cover art grabber free app in the play store in here.
  • After the installation completed, run the app.
  • Tap its Alum button.
  • Now you can see the entire album on your phone.
  • Tap on the any music alum which you want to import its cover.
  • In the cover dialog box, tap “Save” button.
  • Now you have done.


  • One tap download cover art.
  • High resolution covers art.
  • Automatic fetching mode.
  • Ads free.

Cover Art Downloader

This is another free tool which can grab the music files cover arts on your android phone. Its features also sameness to the above application. Unfortunately cover art Downloader, the current version doesn’t support Google music 3 which running Ginger bread or honeycomb ROM.

How to use?

  • Download the app on the play store in here.
  • Run the app, first time it automatically tries to fetch all them music files cover arts.
  • If you need to manually grab the covers tap one each album.


  • Support multiple online databases.
  • Custom search.
  • Use custom covers.
  • One tap scan SD card media files.

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