20 Bloggers & Marketers You Should Follow on Twitter

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Being able to follow some of the best bloggers and marketers out there by way of Twitter can mean that access to great tips, updates, and news is at your fingertips almost instantly anywhere you go. By being able to keep tabs on these sources via Twitter, you hopefully won’t feel left out of the loop when it comes to staying up to date on the most recent developments.


If you’re hooked on Twitter and are looking for some bloggers and marketers to follow, here are a few options that might perk your interest.

1. John Chow

If you’re looking for a man who knows his stuff when it comes to internet marketing, you might have found him in John Chow. John is ready with plenty of information as to the workings of internet money making and you can check out his site at Johnchow.com.

2. Lyndon Antcliff

Follow Lyndon on Twitter or check out his site, Cornwallseo.com where you can pick through his posts on a variety of marketing and social media related subject matter.

3. Blogussion

If you are interested in learning how to make money by blogging, or want to increase the popularity and quality of your blog, Alex, Blogussion.com’s owner, provides tricks and tips that may help you do just that. Blogussion.com might be a good stop for newer or smaller scale bloggers just getting their start.

4. Chris Garrett

There’s no lack of blogging and internet marketing information at Chrisg.com. Chris also offers consulting and services for those who might want a little guidance with their blogging or marketing efforts.

5. Sonny Gill

You may want to stop in and check out Sonny’s blog at Sonnygill.com where he focuses on topics within the social media and community building realms.

6. Darren Rowse

At Darren Rowse’ Problogger.net, you can review blog job boards, watch a weekly video post, read informative posts, and discover ways for your blog to earn more money. Enhance your own blogging ability through Problogger.net founder Darren Rowse’ years of blogging experience.

7. Daniel Scocco

Follow Daniel Scocco as he shares tips and advice by way of his site Dailyblogtips.com. From beginners to long time bloggers, Daniel offers tips for just about everyone.

8. Willie Crawford

From his youth spent on a North Carolina tobacco farm to his career as a marketing expert, Willie Crawford teaches internet marketing through courses, a live coaching program, and of course the internet. His blog, Williecrawford.com/blog2/ provides information regarding a huge number of marketing topics.

9. Rand Fishkin

Writing SEO content can be huge to driving internet traffic your way. Rand Fishkin, CEO and co-founder of SEOmoz.org, can help keep you up to date on the latest in SEO news.

10. Pete Cashmore

With almost 2 million followers on his Twitter account, Pete Cashmore has quite the allegiance. As CEO of Mashable.com, Pete helps spread the latest word when it comes to social media tips, trends, and more.

11. Aaron Wall

If you’re looking to enhance your SEO knowledge, you might want to check out Aaron Wall, CEO of SEObook.com.

12. Ann Handley

Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs.com, Ann Handley offers up her marketing prowess. You can learn more about Ann and check out recent posts at AnnHandley.com.

13. Valeria Maltoni

Her years of experience as a brand strategist makes Valeria one to watch on Twitter. Those interested in effective communications might want to visit her site at Conversationagent.com.

14. Ben Malbon

An account planner and managing partner of Bbh-labs.com, Ben Malbon tweets his personal views on a variety of topics on Twitter. You might also want to check out Bbh-labs.com and take a look at an interesting post there entitled, “Will social media eat itself?”

15. Jya Neely

Jay Neely runs Socialstrategist.com. He is an entrepreneur providing relevant information regarding online communications. The site’s tagline is “Marketing. Entrepreneurship. Innovation”.

16. David Armano

SVP at Edelman Digital, David Armano also runs his personal blog, Darman.typepad.com. David discusses a variety of business, social media, marketing, and communications related topics.

17. Chris Brogan

President of New Marketing Labs and author of “Social Media 101” and “Trust Agents”, Chris Brogan offers plenty of information regarding marketing and social media subject matter. You can follow him on Twitter and at Chrisbrogan.com.

18. Chris Knight

As CEO of Ezine Articles, Chris Knight might know a little something about internet marketing.

19. David Snyder

David Snyder is the co-founder of internet marketing company Searchandsocial.com. The site’s mission is to “help you get found on the internet”. You can find out more about David at his cleverly named blog, Snydeysense.com.

20. Scott Monty

He’s Ford Motor Company’s head of social media and also has his own social media marketing blog at Scottmonty.com. If you’re looking for informative social media insights, Scott Monty might be worth a look.


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