Tips to Increase the Internet Speed in Android Based Mobile

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The internet has become the need of the hour for almost all individuals in this world. No matter which profession does an individual belong to, he or she will be required the internet for the school assignments, university projects, official correspondence, and for many other purposes.


With the advent of the android technology in the smart phones, many people have got the android based smart phones and use the internet services on them for various purposes. However, with the passage of time, most of these internet services slow down and people look for the ways to get a faster speed.

How internet speed can be enhanced in android based mobiles?

The followings are the remedies to get rid of a slow performing internet and enhance its speed.

1. Clear the cache

It is suggested to delete all the temporary files from the browser’s history so as to get enough space for the new files without interruption. This comes out to be helpful in increasing the speed of the internet. All those files that are no more useful or are not required must be cleared from the cache.

2. Don’t overload the phone with softwares

Many people install many types of software in their Smartphones. A large numbers of the software make the processing of the phone slow and it does not respond to the internet connection as well. This is why it is emphasized to have a limited number of the software on the smart phones. Some of the software utilizes the internet in the backend. This software has to be turned off to get the best speed during browsing.

3. Change the internet settings

To get the maximum speed enabled on your cell phone, people have to change the setting of their internet to load the maximum kB data.

4. Block the image:

Some people use the text formats only to get the updates from the friends and family. In the same way, some people use internet for emails only on their cell phones. Such category of the people can block images in downloading and can increase the internet speed along with the savings.

5. Stop downloading during browsing

It is suggested not to download any application when you are browsing for different sites. Otherwise, your speed is shared between other apps as well that are being downloaded.

6. Select the best network

This is the prime factor for the enhancement of the internet speed on mobiles. If the speed will be slow from back end then how can someone increase the speed via making changes in the Smartphones? Obviously, he or she will have to shift to a network that has a broader coverage area and better quality.

7. Browser

Best browser for the internet speed enhancement in the smart phones is considered to be opera mini. Always use this browser to get the best internet speed.


These are some of the steps that have been discussed above to increase the internet speed on an Android based smart phone. People can take the maximum advantage out of their internet connections by enjoying their maximum speed after taking the following measures.


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