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Vishal Gaikar

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On July 22, 2013
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Travel Budget App is must have iPhone app for each traveler.

If you are planning your next trip and thinking about managing travel expenses then there is an app for you on the app store, the Travel Budget app. This app will help you to properly allocate the budget during the holidays or business trips.


There are so many personal finance and expense tracking apps on the market. Travel Budget app is one of the best app in this category and it offers something unique, interesting and extremely useful features. This is an iOS app for managing personal and business expenses on the go.

Travel Budget App : Must have app for every Traveler

The developer behind this Travel Budget App is Mr. Gerasimov Philipp, and this app is simply one of the best budget app available in the App Store. Before I get into the nitty-gritty of this amazing budget app, let me share an amazing fact about this app. This app has been created based on the many years of travelling experience by the creator. This will explain the fact , why we notice the practicality of the app as soon as we open it.

When the app is launched, its simple and yet stunning user interface immediately catches our eyes. The functions are arranged in such a way which is specifically helpful for business road warriors and personal and family travelers.


Travel budget app is very simple to use. Once installed, open the app and add a travel with description, name, beginning and ending date, destinations and budget for the trip.  There is an option to choose the currency based on whether it is a personal trip or a business trip. This app will help you to set up everything according to your travel trip. And don’t worry, you can anytime change your travel budget,you just have to go back and edit it.

After you have set your budget then it can be divided into numerous categories, among which there are Shopping, Meals, lodging, flights, Rail and buses, car rentals, entertainment, internet, spending on children, health and beauty, as well as dozens of other equally useful components.

Few major features which we have found exceptional are:

  • The ability to track both personal and business expenses and incomes with easy interface.
  • We can also define budgets for the whole trip or custom categories
  • We also notice the amazing feature of maps for our spending’s.
  • Best of all, data can be exported or PDF reports can be created easily.
  • Even printing the reports are possible right from mobile devices.

The popularity of the app can be measure from the fact that within the period of one and half month after it’s release. The app has already gathered thousands of users in 72 countries. It has reached the top charts in many countries including Russia, Ukraine, India, Italy, Israel, and even being most popular overall app in Moldova for more than a week.

With Travel Budget App, we can easily track our personal and business travel expenses on the go. This is especially useful, while planning our next trip.

With Travel Budget App we can :

  • Save our personal or business expenses and incomes, including tips
  • Define budgets for the whole trip or custom categories
  • See our spending’s in 88 local currencies with dynamically updated exchange rate


Another feature which has caught our attention is the ability of the app to add following information with every expense or income filed in Travel Budget App :

  • Expense geolocation
  • Expense category, including user defined categories
  • Up to 3 photos and receipts
  • Names of attendees

As mentioned earlier, reports can be generated in several formats like CSV or PDF so you can get an overview of your trip and budget. Also Travel budget app has an option to send e-mail along with receipt and images to anyone you wish.

Travel Budget App provides user friendly interface to anyone who wishes to plan out a travel trip and this app is available on the app store at reasonable price of $0.99. Version 1.1 has been released and developers planning to release the next version in this month with Italian, German and French localizations and some UI improvements.


Travel Budget App is one of the best budget app for travelers. The features of saving important information for every expense filed, the map feature , the ability to export data in various format and printing them are few of the important functionalities this app offers. Price for $0.99 is very nominal for the kind of features this app offers.

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Travel Budget App is must have iPhone app for each traveler.

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