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Here are the tips to Get Higher Page Rank. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves following the guidelines that Google have dictated in order to make your website rank higher on their search engine. You can see how search engine friendly your website/web-page is using the Google PageRank system.


How To Get Higher Page Rank?

This gives you a general indication of how well you are doing and how likely it is that your website is going to be on the first page of the Google search results. Therefore, having a higher PageRank is something you should want to aim for.

Submit your site to different directories that specialize in your area

Submitting your website to search engines is a good idea, but submitting them to independent directories will also help you to rank higher. These are the directories that specialize in your area, so for example, if you were selling concrete goods then you would submit your site to builder directories.

Include High Quality Content for SEO

High quality content is what drives traffic to your website, and so is what will help you to rise up through the search engine results pages. High quality and unique content is more search engine friendly and so making sure all your pages are of a high quality will help ensure you have a higher PageRank.

Make your website very public

Try adding your web address to your business cards and letterheads. Print it on your brochures and press releases, and include your web address on your newsletter. Put your web address on fax cover sheets and email signatures. Leverage any opportunity you can find to let people know about your website.

This will have a third party affect on your PageRank as people will link to you, visit you, and even mention you on social media.

Write a newsletter that is all about your website

This is going to hopefully gain you a readership, which will then be encouraged to visit your website. If you can get people to engage with your website, then they may link to you or mention you on social media, which will help your SEO.

Be careful of linking to Black-hat SEO sites

You may be tarred with the same brush. Be careful about who you link to, because if they are trying to manipulate the search engines, then they are going to be penalized.

Your website will then be under suspicion of being involved with these sorts of people. If this happens to you frequently then the point will come where Google simply assumes you are in league with them and your PageRank will suffer.

Keep your website updated regularly

Regular updates on a routine basis are going to help grow your PageRank over the long term. If your domain is old but has been routinely updated throughout its time, then that website/domain is going to have an automatic SEO benefit when compared to younger sites.

Create a Sustainable Backlink campaign

Sustainable means that you do not run out one weekend and get 30 backlinks and then quit for a month. Backlinks should occur in a fairly frequent but even number and basis. The search engines are supposed to assume that people are linking to you organically, and it is unlikely that lots of people would suddenly link to you and then suddenly stop.

Be careful of over-optimizing your website

Even checking your web metrics via SEO diagnostic tools is going to be viewed as over optimization; as is changing the keywords on your website too frequently.

Be very wary of Loading and Render times

The render time will affect your bounce rate, to the point where if too many people are leaving your website quickly then it will damage your PageRank. If your website takes too long to load then Google will find out from data collected from Google Chrome users. Read How Page Load Time Affects SEO.

The loading time is counted from when the page first renders to the point where every page element is loaded. If you have one element that simply takes too long to load, then seriously consider getting rid of it.

Create a sustained Social Media Campaign

This works in the same way that backlinking works. The search engines expect your social media popularity to rise and dip organically, but they will suspect if you suddenly have a lot of attention and suddenly have none.

It is better to look upon social media as a fire, in that every now and again you add a little bit of fuel to keep your popularity sustained. Hopefully, in this case you will not have to keep trying to manipulate social media for an SEO benefit.

Do you know more tips to Get Higher Page Rank? Share with us via comments below.


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