Can Technology Provide Better Customer Service?

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Despite the move to online purchasing, many customers still want a personal touch. That means finding a happy blend between technology and humanity. While that may seem contradictory, it may be possible.

Customer Service

It’s simply finding the right products or services to boost your ability to please clientele needs. Here are three concepts that could work for you.

Live Operators

Let’s face it. One of the most frustrating elements of remote business deals is having to deal with robotic phone operations. It’s a high tech system of pressing buttons, only to be finally led to an answering machine.

During that time, temperaments flare, only making a situation far worse. Whether you are trying to arrange a meeting or discuss an issue, a human voice could ease the circumstances, showing a bit of compassion. Consider hiring a live answering service to address concerns and forward messages.

Video Chat

Once the message arrives to you, consider offering to respond with a chat service, actually looking people in the eye. Today’s applications offer several features, giving you a chance to see the customer’s vision or concern. This reaction emphasizes a personal touch and interest. This also works to squeeze in a few more appointments without the additional transportation or interruption into someone’s work routine. It’s difficult to sneak out of the office and catch up. If you want to ask about a product, speak on the phone, never asking the consumer to leave the space.

Do they have a question? Take a few minutes on another site to phone in, finding out what the other buyer desires. It’s an effort in multi-tasking and pleasing many at one time.

Social Media Contractors

People can be quick to comment on a Facebook page or Instagram account. Hopefully, it’s good, but sometimes angst is released. When that happens, your analyst can immediately respond, revealing to future or current patrons that you want to resolve any trouble and compensate for it. Most shoppers understand that mistakes and errors occur. What they want to see is how an establishment fixes it.

In a world that moves quickly and lives via machines, you’ll need to show sincerity. It’s not all about efficiency. In fact, for many purchasers, they desire a human touch more than ever. These jobs and activities allow for that: providing convenience with an individual response. This could create a name for your place as the location that does good work and cares.


Vishal Gaikar

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