5 Cool New Features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the newest entrant into the market by Samsung as a high-end device. It is the device in its category with the best hardware specifications available. But the most surprising part of this is that, Samsung is not at all concentrating on the hardware part of the phone while selling it. They are using premium features and software to sell their phones and making it more personalized for their end user.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Amidst much fanfare, Samsung launched the Galaxy S4 with some really awesome features and specs. Here we are going to discuss 5 cool features that Samsung has introduced in its S4 making it a true “Life Companion”.

1. Sound & Shot

This is a very interesting feature created and introduced by Samsung. What this actually is that you can send pictures along with sounds for a better feel. When you click a picture, it also records a small music clip along with it. This might capture the sounds in the background or you could speak something into it, maybe giving a small description of the image for better understanding.

2. Air Gesture & Air View

This feature was rolled by Samsung into the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 but there was a requirement for a stylus to operate this feature. But now you can use this with your own hand. In Air Gesture, the front camera acts as a sensor here. It senses the motion of your hand on the screen and functions accordingly.

So in this If you are say; having dinner and have a greasy hand and you do not want to smudge the phone, then you can just wave across the screen in the air to accept calls. Similarly with Air View, you can use your finger and the target is magnified for you to see clearly. You can check out website texts, maybe check out some apps that support this feature, etc. It is something cool to have with you.

3. Group Play

This is a very awesome feature if you love hanging out with friends and playing loud music. What this does is, it uses NFC technology and transfers information from your phone to others. This makes all the phones of your friends play the same media file as yours in sync. So enjoying music or movies together has not been redefined by Samsung’s Group Play.

4. Smart Scroll

This is an amazing feature by Samsung. It actually gets some time to get used to it, but once you have been using it for some time, then it is a breeze to use. What this does is that, the front camera acts as a sensor and it senses your eyes on the screen.

Then when you tilt the phone upwards or downwards, the scrolling takes place in the direction of the tilt. There is another option where you can move your eyes upwards or downwards to scroll.

5. Smart Pause

This feature is useful for those who do not want to miss out on a single moment while watching any video of a movie. What this feature does is that it senses your eyes on the screen. So when in between if for any reason you take your eyes off the screen, then the video pauses at that moment and when you face the screen again it automatically resumes. This is an awesome concept and a great feature to have in your phone.

Thus we saw the 5 cool features introduced by Samsung in its Galaxy S4 making it the most unique phone in the market. These features are surely a lot of fun to have and play with and you are surely going to enjoy your phone much more with these around.


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