Sony Xperia SP: Is this Smartphone worth buying?

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Sony Xperia SP is the new android phone in the market but taking it just another phone would be a big mistake as it packs many features that not available on the devices of its range. Even Sony expects that Xperia SP has some advantages that it’s other devices lack.


There is much to read and write about Sony Xperia SP but this phone hasn’t got the attention, it deserves. It is a good device and like others, it also has some useful and less useful features.

I amuse useful and less useful instead of pros and cons because Sony Xperia SP packs nothing that can’t be used. Let’s dive into the flood of information about this phone and figure out the specs and features that make Xperia SP special.


It is the technology that makes a phone hence we would discuss the technology first. First take the processor and the SMO. Sony Xperia SP packs dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor with 1 GB of RAM, so that your running apps never get stuck in between. The phone features Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, the OS its competitors use. But soon users would get Android Key Lime Pie as an update for the Sony Xperia SP and is already under consideration.

Operating the phone has been made easy by addition of user friendly touch screen buttons. Navigation is swift, entering the menu and scrolling the features is easy and there are no indications of phone running slow or taking much time when taken to multitasking. It is my personal experience.



The new Xperia SP sports 4.6 inches display oozing 720p HD resolution. With the inception of HD screens, users can enjoy multimedia content in much clearer quality never experienced before. The TFT touch screen is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass and makes it scratch proof.

Display is quite sharp in comparison to other phones in its range or even in higher range. It is surprising to know that it is the display that has got more attention, reviews and comments than the technology and additional features.

The Sony Bravia Engine 2 that powers the Sony Xperia SP offers great details than in any other phone. We already seen the Bravia engine performance in their largest selling LED TV’s and now the company brings it for their smartphones.

Design and dimension

Next in the line of the most important features of Sony Xperia SP are design and dimension. It is a beautiful phone and this user would recognize, when they would look at the phone. White back casing, metal edging and a color changing belt makes the phone illuminate, whenever you received notifications from your mailing, messaging and social media accounts.

The design of the phone is a marvel as it is not only beautiful but fully functional as well. Whenever there would be a call, message of a Facebook notification, the design would notify it to the user.

Camera & Memory

It isn’t so impressive. The 8 megapixel camera isn’t acceptable to the users, since Samsung and other brands offers 13 megapixel camera in their latest and upcoming phones. After going through the interesting features, users would accept Sony to upgrade the camera but that is a distant dream as there is no such indication from the company. Present Sony Xperia SP comes with an 8 MP camera and a secondary VGA camera for making video calls.

For entertainment, it offers stereo FM radio with RDS to track your favourite channels and other on-air shows. Now, you can enjoy a range of multimedia formats including Xvid and DivX on its integrated advanced media players. The phone comes with 8 GB of internal memory that could be extended up to 32 GB with microSD card.

Finally, Should I buy Sony Xperia SP?

That is what I asked to myself. It is a big question for mid-range users as there is a good choice available for mid-range buyers. I suggest users should go for a comparison to know whether to buy Sony Xperia SP or not.

Comparison is the only way to get the best deals on your favourite model and with which you can save more money. So, log-on to any renowned shopping portal to comparing contracts or pay monthly options on Xperia SP.


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