How to Set Default Font and Text Style in Gmail

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If you want to Set Default Font in Gmail messages then this tutorial will help you to do it. Most of the times, everyone uses a different font for emailing on mail-by-mail basis. We can set a default font in Gmail using below steps as there is a default setting to set the font text and size in Gmail.


By setting following option anyone can change the default font in Gmail, size, or color of your messages easily rather than doing it on mail by mail basis.

How to Set Default Font and Text Style in Gmail

1. Open Gmail > Settings

2. Now visit the ‘General’ tab of your Gmail Settings


3.  You’ll see a ‘Default text style‘ section that allows you to choose if you’d like your default text bolded, italicized, in a different front, size, or color. Select the font from the drop down menu and scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Save changes’. This way you can Set Default Font in Gmail.

That’s it, using the above window you can set your font, size, color, and other options there, and they’ll stick from message to message. This option will allows you to define how your default text looks: the type of Font to be used, font size (Small, Normal, Large, Huge), and font color which includes all default colors of the Gmail. In the last there is a additional button to remove existing formatting on single click.

Hope above tutorial will help you to set default font for Gmail, let me know what you think about this feature through your comments.


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