Top Most Situations Where Google Wallet Isn’t Practical

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In a spring press conference, Google revealed the power of Google Wallet. This innovation intrigued most onlookers. But that does not mean it should be used everywhere. All you need is an internet connection like Charter internet. Although Google Wallet can be used in over 140,000 places, here are a few places where it just isn’t practical.


When You Wine and Dine

When you are at restaurants, a waiter usually sits you down, takes your order and sets the food on the table. Once you are done, they take your credit card, create a printed bill that you sign and then you leave. That is how the dining experience usually goes. With Google wallet, a waiter will comfortably walk back with your phone to a place you cannot see him for a period of time and pay for everything. It is that simple.

Many things come to mind when you look at the situation. You will not know what the waiter was doing with your phone, what options he possibly delved in, whether he may have dropped your phone or not or if he mixed up your phone with a different one. He could have even used your Charter internet connection. Either way you look at it, Google Wallet is just not practical here.

When the Battery Dies

If you own an iPhone 4S, you will probably know that it has a very big problem with battery life. What if you were done with a meal and your iPhone suddenly died? If your battery dies, would that not mean your wallet dies too? This is a prime example of a situation where using Google Wallet is not practical. If your battery dies, you could be in for some trouble.

When you have a “Big Card”

Most of us have cheap credit cards that we use every day. Even if it was denied at payment, you could still use a prepaid card to cover the cost of whatever you were paying for. However, many of you probably have one of those “big cards”.

Those that have a platinum American Express credit card know that you will probably want others to see that you have it. However, if you have a small picture of the card on the screen of you mobile phone, it does not have the same effect, does it? If you are paying $450 for the Platinum American Express credit card, you will want to use it as opposed to Google Wallet. You can’t find replacement for such a card.

When your Phone Breaks

What if your phone breaks? Perhaps you are deciding to go to the beach to surf. I doubt you will leave an expensive phone alone on the beach and I definitely doubt you will take an expensive phone out of your wetsuit.

What if you were going to the gym or to have a football match with some friends and your phone breaks? If your phone breaks, so does your wallet. Putting a credit card in your pocket not only is easier but it keeps your mobile phone safe too.

When you Lose your Phone before an Important Date

What if you were going to meet your girlfriend for lunch but had football practice first. You may have decided to shower in the locker room and meet up with your girlfriend for lunch at a nice restaurant. If you lose your mobile or if it was stolen, you will not be able to go to lunch – having her pay would be rude. A credit card is definitely more practical than Google Wallet in this case.

There may be many drawbacks to Google Wallet but it does have potential. If you are one of those people who have a lot of cards, perhaps Google Wallet is the best thing to ever happen to you. However, even though there are many situations in which it would be feasible, there are many others where using Google Wallet is just not practical.

At the end of the day, impressing people by using a credit card may sound a little childish but if you are paying a premium for the card, why not use it? If jewelry was digitized, would you wear that around your neck? Don’t get stuck in the wrong situations or even before they happen.

Google Wallet is just not practical everywhere.


Vishal Gaikar

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