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If you are using a android smartphone or tablet , you may be interested to install the new Google keyboard. This is the best default keyboard which is created by Google that comes on Nexus devices.

google keyboard

Google has decided to make this Google keyboard available to allĀ  android devices running 4.0 and above and its available for download on Google Play. All devices with version 4.0 and above of Android can install.

This keyboard has several interesting features. For example, you can write the text just by moving your finger across the virtual keyboard without lifting. This technique allows you to literally draw the words you want to write.


In addition, the Android dictionary will suggest words or sought after a couple of letters sentences. Once you understand how the input gestures are, it allows you to capture your notes and messages quickly.

Google keyboard for android Features –

  • Gesture Typing with dynamic floating preview
  • Voice Typing
  • Next-word suggestions and current-word completions
  • Dictionaries for 26 languages
  • Advanced keyboard layouts
  • Works across your Android devices (tablets and phones)

This keyboard is an excellent free alternative to Swiftkey. If the Google keyboard is not yet available on the Play Store for your country, you will find a download link below.

Download Google keyboard for Android


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