8 Best Windows Mobile Phones : Roundup Review

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Find below the list of 8 Best Windows Mobile Phones. Windows 8 phone is a great option, if you are fed up with Android and iOS. What did you just say? Getting bored with Android or iOS? Well! There are geeks out there who definitely look for something newer and better. There are many similarities between Android and iOS, which creates a room for Windows 8. So, if you are really looking forward to buying a Windows phones, then try one of the following eight:

8. HTC 8S


HTC 8S is a distinctive and attractive handset, which fits in Windows 8 phones list with some extraordinarily handsome features. The HTC 8S proves to be a good mid-range cell phone with great display and fast processor.

Battery timing of this phone is average. You may experience issues in web browsing and apps functioning, but overall you get so much at such a low price in this smartphone.

7. HTC 8X


Initially, Microsoft chose HTC 8X to be its signature device for Windows 8. By far, HTC 8X can be declared the best looking Windows 8 phone, but unfortunately it’s features don’t have the guts to compete with a typical Windows 8 Lumia phone.

The phone comes with beats technology. Audio-wise the phone is great. This means that if you are a music lover, then this mobile phone is best for you.

6. Nokia Lumia 620


Nokia Lumia 620 is one of the cheapest phones of Lumia family. Though it is cheap but the quality of its touch is flawless. The phone handles everything impressively well. The con of this phone is that the battery is not that good.

The phone can get through a whole day if you don’t watch much videos, however, if browsing, music and gaming is why you own a phone, then Nokia Lumia 620 is not for you.

5. Nokia Lumia 720


Nokia Lumia is one of the greatest Windows 8 phones out there. The phone runs Windows 8 smoother than you can think. The camera is worth-appreciating. Overall, the phone definitely deserves to be on number 5 just because of its healthy processor and a smart camera.

4. Samsung Ativ S


Now many people know that Samsung also manufactures Windows 8 phones. Samsung Ativ S is the proof. The cell phone wasn’t brought into light. The phone is slim with a 4.8 inch display. It feels so good to hold Samsung Ativ S in hand because it is very skinny. Features are cool and overall the phone is awesome when it comes to running Windows 8.

3. Nokia Lumia 820


The compact phone with all the essential features to make other call it a smartphone is the Lumia 820. The phone comes with an AMOLED display and very strong processor. Camera result is also remarkable. This Lumia definitely deserves to be among top 3 best Windows mobile phones.

2. Nokia Lumia 920

Lumia 920

The phone is simple yet smarter than thousands of phones in the market. This 4G enables Lumia 920 comes with an 8MP camera, which lets you capture some professional shots. The phone has, also, been gifted with PureMotion HD technology.

1. Nokia Lumia 520


Nokia Lumia 520 has a super-sized screen and the best camera consisted by any member of Lumia family. It is a budget phone with loads of features packed inside. It has an impressive battery life and dual-core processor. It is cheap and definitely deserves to be on no 1.

Final Words About Windows Mobile Phones

So, if you are going out to buy a good Windows 8 phone, then try one of the above explained eight Windows Mobile Phones. You’ll definitely thank us for taking out time to pick the best Windows Mobile Phones to make selection easier for you. Do you know more Windows 8 Mobile Phones which can fit in above list, share with us via comments below.


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