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The problem with design ideas is they will crop up in your mind every now and then and disappear. They come at the most expected times – while in the bath, while you take a stroll, while you dine, and even while you are in your bed battling to sleep. It is not always possible to get a computer at that moment and start with work. It is simply impossible to capture and elaborate on your thoughts when they spring in you.


If you have extraordinary mental prowess, then, you should be able to capture your thoughts and reduce them into designs. Since most designers are normal mortals and they should try to look for inspirations in the works of other designers, because it saves them time and efforts.

Be Inspired but Don’t Copy

Most designers – professionals as well as amateurs choose to be inspired other’s work, though it is not their intention to be copycats. Every other design you see on the internet is not adaptable to your particular needs. As a professional designer (or amateur), you will have restrictions in terms of resources and skill sets.

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But the good thing is you can look at web designs and adapt them to your expectations. Avoid doing a copycat work; it is a poor strategy to follow. The best you can do, and should be doing is to get an inspiration and base your work on what you think is captivating about the design. Also read – Six Best Gadgets for Every Web Designers.

More the Merrier

It is not always a necessity that all your inspirations should originate in a single place. In fact it is best to pick them from many different sources and modify them to fit into your web pages. Rather than taking all your ideas from a single source, you should pick out each element from many different places.

Here are some top sources that can inspire you with great ideas. We suggest you use them only for inspiration, the design should be yours, and it should be unique.


Dribble is an exclusive place and only displays the best. That means you will not be left confused with too many wild inspirations. Dribble is actually a community of professional web designers, icon artists, illustrators, logo designers and other creative type designers. You can also use the Dribble space to showcase your designs and for promoting them.

Most of what you will see here are small screen shots. If you want to see more, you can visit their respective websites and learn more. We suggest you follow them on social media websites and be informed about their work as it unfurls.


Behance is a place for showcasing web designs. You will have to log in after registering yourself. Whatever is displayed here is in portfolio style. Behance has a large number of visitors and it is also a great place for promoting your business and also for getting seen, and that is what makes it a perfect place for finding inspirational work. In the web design section you will see such big names like Hugo Boss and Nike.

Behance is also ideal for hiring designers. So if you are stuck somewhere and want to hire a designer, that too you can do here. We particularly recommend that you visit the Most Appreciated section to see what others like.


Awwwards is a website for giving awards to designers. That is the reason why only the best are here. The primary objectives of this website are to recognize and inspire talented web designers, developers and agencies, and to win laurels for them. It is also an ideal ground for interacting with other designers and discussing the latest trends in the world of web designing.

You can also enter into fruitful and cooperative endeavors with the people who are behind Awwwards. If you wish you can submit your designs here or take a look at designs that are already submitted. You should not miss this website for inspiration. There are also other resources that you can use to help you improve your designing skills.


Siteinspire is again another website that designers use for showcasing their designs. That means only the best and most inspiring find a place here. If you have an inspiring design you can use this place to display and get some business. But as someone looking for inspiration you may want to look at others works. It will work perfectly for people like you.

Finding the right inspiration is an easy job here. You can look up work based on styles, types or subjects. You can even make a search based on your own requirements. There is a task manager at Site inspire which you can consider using. It can make your work a lot easier than now.

One Page Love

If you don’t much time to study websites in depth then you should be at One Page Love. Strangely this website displays only one-page designs. It is good for you if what you want is only inspiration and nothing more. Those who prefer minimalistic design should definitely be here to see for themselves. Searching for the right inspiration is a simple job, and that is because they have been categorized. Based on your preference you locate the right website design you think is best for you.

There are other resources within One Page Love that you must take a look at. If you are a designer, and if you plan to do more than just finding inspirations, then, you should visit this website. May be it can help you find a great designing job also.


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