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Tata Teleservices Limited has adopted a future-facing strategic approach to ring in the next growth wave in the Company, unveiling an integrated technology-agnostic structure to leverage emerging market opportunities. The Company will leverage its wide range of products and services and reach out to customers with one common brand—Tata DOCOMO—cutting across the CDMA and GSM platforms.

With this move, brand Tata DOCOMO now moves into the CDMA space, and all Tata Indicom customers shall be migrated to Tata DOCOMO from tomorrow.

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Tata Docomo refreshingly different world of services now on CDMA too! Tata Teleservices unifies all CDMA, GSM and Photon consumers on brand Tata Docomo.

    • Company migrates all Tata Indicom customers to Tata DOCOMO
    • Evolved strategy built on belief that phones are not just for talking
    • CDMA, GSM, 3G & Photon platforms available under new, unified brand
    • Products & services available through a single, strong retail network
    • To upgrade strong CDMA network to unlock next level of data usage
    • Unveils exciting range of cutting-edge CDMA handsets & Smartphones

Tata DOCOMO believes that phones are not just for talking and the new strategic approach will bring in the full might of TTL’s telecom experience to customers through an elevation in the promise from ‘only telecom’ to seamless Access, relevant Content and differentiated Solutions.

The Company’s new portfolio of products, applications and solutions will allow consumers to access cutting-edge voice and data services, enjoy content of their choice, and avail of a host of solutions, ranging from mere conveniences to life- and lifestyle-assistance services. The company has consolidated all organizational assets—spectrum, retail touch-points, digital footprint and consumer franchises across technology platforms under a single brand, Tata DOCOMO.

“These are exciting times at TTL and mark the Company’s evolution from being just an access provider to a multi-platform telecom applications and solutions organization, with one single brand—Tata DOCOMO—for customer connect, ease and delight. This is the birth of Telecom 2.0,” Mr Deepak Gulati, Executive President, Mobility Business, Tata Teleservices Limited, said.

“Our new strategy will unify our brands and unlock the synergies across the CDMA, GSM & 3G platforms. We are pleased to welcome our Tata Indicom customers into the Tata DOCOMO family, offering them a new world of telecom and lifestyle-impacting experiences,” he added.

TTL has also put in place a new integrated go-to-market approach—across the sales, marketing and customer service domains. For instance, the Company’s 3,000-plus-strong CDMA retail footprint will now become accessible for GSM as well, and vice versa. This is in line with the Company’s stated objective of streamlining operations and creating a strong consumer-facing organization. The migration of services to the unified Tata Docomo brand will happen in Delhi-NCR at a later date.

TTL’s new strategic direction in the Access, Content and Solutions spaces, enables the Company to offer compelling propositions to customers in a market that has been witnessing far-reaching changes in terms of usage trends and customer preferences.

The growth of the Internet usage on phones, the arrival of Smartphones, the explosion of social-networking and the evolution of the Indian consumer—all will lead to a fundamental shift in the role of the mobile phone in everyone’s life. The phone is no longer just for talking; it holds the potential to impact lifestyles, even transform lives.


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