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WordPress is a world famous and most popular free and open source blogging tool which is used by most of the people to design their websites around the world. This platform is responsible for powering over 600 million websites all over the world.

WordPress provides many various themes and designs for people with different needs and preferences. Here’s a look at the most popular WordPress premium themes:

Expression theme


One of the most popular WordPress themes is the Expression theme which can be bought for a price of $45. This theme is a perfect choice for photographers and other creative professionals as it is powered by an enhanced Pexeto Panel. Some features associated with this theme are font management, 3 sliders, optimized retina display and enhanced styling buttons.

Plusgrid WordPress theme

Plusgrid is another creative portfolio theme for multimedia which is available for $50. This theme supports all kinds of SEO practices and is pretty responsive in nature. This theme was last updated on 31st August, 2012.

Storm full screen background theme

Another amazing WordPress theme is the Storm full screen background theme which can be bought by anyone for a price of $40. Storm includes Quform Plug-in which helps the users to create any kind of form. Infact it also supports features such as 25 gallery styles and 7 different layouts.

Digon WordPress theme

If you are a photographer or belong to any other creative field, then the Digon WordPress theme would be apt for you. This theme has been tagged at a price of $45 and is a customizable studio theme with features like multicolor options, Google Font selector and full screen slide shows. It was last updated on 17th January, 2012.

Agera WordPress theme

Agera is a responsive fullscreen portfolio WP theme which comes for a price of $40 and provides the users with the facility of custom short-code wizard which helps to insert short codes in a simple way. This theme can be used by photographers and web designers to put their work on display.

Wponag WordPress theme

Wponag is a theme which comes with in-built background patterns and custom sidebars. This theme is tagged at $40 and was updated last time on 18th September 2012.

Spaceship WordPress theme

If you are looking for a minimalistic photography portfolio theme which is perfect for exhibiting photography work, then the Spaceship theme would prove to be perfect for you. Some features related to this theme are Admin Panel, responsive design, Google font support and good appearance options.

Viewpoint WordPress theme

The next WordPress theme is the Viewpoint which is a responsive single page portfolio which can be bought by paying a sum of $40. This theme comes with parallax effects and is a great platform for those who wish to promote their work or their business. What is special about this theme is the fact that it is compatible with Smartphones.

Slab WordPress theme

Slab is a theme which is tagged at a price of $40 and is designed specially for corporate websites. Eunoia too can be bought for $40 and is a theme which supports features like port format, additional icons and custom short-codes as well.

Wordpress themes

Infographic by WordPress Templates

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