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Rich Snippets are the most awesome thing which improves your SEO result, and these snippets will generate more traffic on site and now I am going to tell you how to set them up in your post.


So are you ready for some interesting tips?

Well so I want to ask you that have you ever noticed that some post are looking so well mannered and best then others while doing Google search? So you want to know exactly what they are doing to make their search result and post better. The secret behind this fancy information are rich snippets that these websites are coded onto their website pages.

What are Rich Snippets?

Actually Google rich snippets are extracting your information from your website’s for listing the search result on your site’s listing, in addition it also extracts typical page title, URL and meta description as well. This extract some extra information like photos, ratings, authors name, publications and many more.


Rich snippets can be over seen in businesses’ SEO because they are more complicated to implement that traditional On-page SEO strategies. But learning this worth you r time which you will spend behind rich snippets. Adding this rich content the information to your Google search listings will catch the visitor’s eye and can increase your listings and you will notice 30% to 40%increased clicks although you are not in the no.1 position.

How you can install Rich Snippets?

So are you ready for all those tricky technical part? There are many options to install the rich snippets but am going to show you the easiest micro data method. Here I am going to show you only approach towards it – and once you will get the idea than it’s not really tough.

1. Study what actually Micro data is

Micro data is a label content which is a way to describe what the information is all about. For e.g. you are organizing an event so you have all information like venue, start time, end time, menu etc so you can bit of this code to say, now here Google needs the information because it needs to display a fancy listing.

That bit of coding you have to do using HTML5. Don’t worry; you don’t need to learn an entire coding language — micro data uses very simple HTML tags, such as <span> or <div> tags to assign descriptive terms to each bit of information.

2. Start marking your content

Review all types of different rich snippets below. Each and every rich snippet is linked to Google’s instruction on how to set up each rich snippet. When you load their page, and then always select the micro data for getting the right instructions.

3. Test your Rich Snippets

A Google webmaster tool has a nifty feature that will let you test your rich snippet. This will let you know whether Google can read your mark up data and whether your rich snippets are appearing in their search optimizations.

4. Be calm keep patience

If you can’t find or if you don’t see the rich snippets in Google’s result right away, then don’t worry at all. Google almost took a few weeks to crawl and index the new data. So keep patience till the time.

You may be wandering or thinking that what types of rich snippets are there? So there are many kind of rich snippets are there like author snippet, business and organization snippets, event snippets, music album snippets, people snippets, product snippet, recipe snippet, review snippet, and video snippets.


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