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The rumor that Google was about to unveil an iOS version of Google Now running for several weeks. This is now done, Google Now is finally available on iPhone and iPad through the Google Search app.


The features of the Google Now iOS version are identical to those of Google Now Android. However, as the Widgets are not allowed on Apple’s iOS, it is obviously not possible to access Google Now from the Home screen. So you need to open the application Google Search to access it.

For those who do not know Google Now, this is actually a contextual application that alerts you when you leave the office for your next appointment, the movies playing near you or the weather in your area. Now Google must be connected to your Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Maps has to offer you this information.

Tamar Yehoshua, Google Search’s director of product management, said that Google Now will compete against Apple’s personal assistant Siri. She said – “We’re giving you an answer before you’ve even asked,” Google is “able to predict knowledge that you want before you know you want it.”

Like the Android version, you can enable or disable the information cards that Google Now offers. For now, Google Now offers 15 sections such as traffic, information on transit flights and the local weather.

How to enable Google Now for iOS

To get Google Now, you must install or update Google Search on your iPhone or iPad. Then just enter the username and password of your Google account to start using it. To display the information like Google Now cards, slide your finger from the bottom to the top of the window. And you switch from Google Search to Google Now.

The Google now for iOS offers more settings than Android. Each item of information Google Now can be set while on Android, it is only possible to enable or disable the item. For example, in the Traffic section you can enable or modify 11 different parameters. You can be informed of traffic conditions before you go to work, before returning home or a trip to the hotel. Unlike the application Gmail for iPhone and iPad, Google Now does not provide Push notifications.

If you are a user of Google’s services, I highly suggest using Google Now.This is a great personal assistant. In addition, the voice recognition seems to be higher than Siri.


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