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Note taking apps are one of the must have app for the Android devices. If you need to keep remember something quickly, these application can help you. Google play store Android market rich in free and paid apps. Some of the apps have the ability to synchronize with the cloud account.

Therefore you can see all of your notes in your every Android device. It ensures maximum protection. This post I added top free android note taking apps with their features.

1. Google Keep


Google keep is a new app from the Google inch. This is one of my favorite app. It rich in lot of customization. User can make new notes as a text, voice and as an image. Google keep sync all your notes with the Google drive. Therefore you can access them using any web browser. In addition to that, this app sync your notes with all of your Android powered Google keep installed devices automatically. But there’s no computer based application.

User can apply different background colors to the notes. Just a one tap, you can archive notes that no longer need. Google keep support home screen as well as home screen (Android 4.2 + ) widgets.

2. ColorNote Notepad Notes To Do


ColorNote Notepad Notes To Do app identical the above mentioned Google keep, but this application older than it. This app has a simple user interface (UI), with essential features. Color note support nine different background colors, online sync, auto and manual, backup to SD card, add master password to the app to prevent unauthorized access. Moreover user can sort notes by modified time, created time, alphabetically, color or as a reminder time. Support dark and light theme.

Unfortunately, this application only supports text notes and check, there’s no way to make audio and image notes.

3. Catch Notes

This is a popular note taking app on the Google play store market. User can make new notes as a text, audio, photograph, reminder and checklist. Like other apps, this one also support online and offline backup solution. If you need to switch to another application, you can easily import the SD card Catch bite backup files. It’s a big advantage of this free app.


In addition to that setup aster password against unauthorized access, change old size, setup reminders, adds multiple working spaces share notes with available sharing options on your phone, tablet. It when you’re making notes, this app locates your current location, but you can disable that function. Like other android applications, this one also support widgets. Though widgets are not come with the Catch app, you have to download them from the Google play.

Free user receive 1GB free online space for sync, if you need more space, you can go for the premium services. If it’s support online backup, you can’t access your personal notes using a web browser. It’s a big drawback of Catch notes app.

4. Evernote


The king of the note taking Android app. This is a one of the top rated application on the Google play. Like earlier mentioned apps, Evernote also support text, audio, image formats. It has the online backup solution, but there’s no offline backup function. When you’re switching to another application, this is a big drawback.

User can add multiple tags to note, location to their notes. Evernote support multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac computer OS. After you sync with the cloud account you can access your notes using any computer, Smartphone. Moreover user can access the note using Evernote web account using any web browser.

5. GNotes


Gnotes is another good note taking app for Android. It has a simple UI with customizable features. This app support text, audio and image based notes. Most significant thing on the Gnotes application is it support hand writing. Therefore you don’t need to type anything using keyboard app.

This app can backup your notes into your Gmail account separate label. Therefore user can easily access their notes using any device web browser. Gnote also support backup to SD card. User can add reminders, change note size, lock the app using PIN or pattern, add folders.

Do you know more android note taking apps? share with us via comments below.


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