Unwanted Gadgets and Gifts: What to Do with Them?

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There are a number of instances where we end up with gadgets or technology, such as smartphones, tablets and other devices, which we don’t want or use. It is quite common to find yourself with devices that are either no longer used, or haven’t been used at all.


Technology gets replaced rather fast; the chances are there are a number of old devices around your home that have been replaced and simply forgotten about.

Gifts are also another prime example. It’s not uncommon to be given something you don’t need or want. Maybe you already have a better model, or it just doesn’t serve any useful purpose to you. Whatever the case, the fact is it’s not an unusual situation to be left in. When you do have such gadgets that you no longer want, it helps to know your options. Don’t let them sit in a corner of your home and be forgotten about.

Every gadget has great potential, letting it lay around unused would just be a waste. Plus, if you do choose to sell unwanted mobile phones and gadgets, you can often get a cash reward for your efforts.


Obviously, your first option should typically be to sell the device. After all, you might not want it, but money is always useful. There are a number of places where you can sell your devices, but the value may vary. You more than likely want the most for your device, so it helps to know where you can obtain this.

Recycling is one of the bigger purchasers of unwanted devices. These can be found online and are rather simple. You need only scan or look up your devices for an instance quote. If this pleases you, sending them off is all you have to do to start the process. This is easy, simple and doesn’t cost you a penny.

Furthermore, because these devices are being recycled, they maintain their value longer than other devices. If you’re selling a relatively new model, you can get a decent value through other markets for second-hand goods. Yet, since these markets are based on the consumer-perceived value of such electronic goods, this price goes down with time.

As such, the older the model is, the less you will receive. Whilst this may be good for unwanted gifts you can quickly turn around, older or used devices have since had time to decrease in value.

Other Options

Finally, there are always other options if money isn’t your main priority. If it’s an unwanted gift, then you can give it to someone else who would appreciate it. Of course, this means you don’t benefit yourself however. Still, you always have the option to turn any unused device into cash, so it’s something you should always bear in mind.

The average person uses technology more often than they may realize, so there is always potential to turn unwanted devices into cash.


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