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Here is the head to head comparison of Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One. The smart phone battle royal was just starting to settle itself into place until Samsung announced plans to release the Galaxy S4 in April 2013. Considered one of the fiercest competitors to the ‘King of the Androids’ HTC One, people are lining up to get their hands on the S4 to see if it’s worth the hope and to examine just how it stands up against the HTC One.


The Size

In the world of smart phones a few millimeters here or there isn’t necessarily a deal breaker when choosing between two models. In phones of the past, smaller was better because they were easier to conceal in a pants pocket but that was before the era of streaming Netflix and Android apps. As far as the size of the Samsung Galaxy compared to the HTC One:

  • Galaxy S4 – 137 mm tall, 70 mm wide, 7.9 mm thick
  • HTC One – 137 mm tall, 68 mm wide, 9.3 mm thick

As a person we can see, no real advantage either way though if possible, the thinner the phone the better as it doesn’t necessarily sacrifice screen size.


The HTC One is truly breathtakingly beautiful and the anodized aluminum design is truly unlike any other smart phone on the market. Samsung on the other hand has always used plastic in their smart phone designs as a way to cut down on costs and to bring uniformity to production.

Plastic isn’t at all a bad thing though and many consumers actually prefer the durable design and virtual indestructibility of a plastic smart phone – especially for a hefty investment. Another thing about manufacturing a phone out of plastic is that it’s lighter, specifically 130g for the S4 compared to 143 of the HTC One.


Both the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 understand the importance of crystal clear picture quality for streaming videos and playing games and they’ve answered the ball with a 1080p display. As far as screen size, the S4 measures at an even 5” compared to 4.7” on the HTC One.

The displays also use a little different technology as the HTC One sports a Super LCD 3 screen while Samsung opts for a Super AMOLED display which results in about a 24 pixel per inch difference.

The Insides

The S4 sports a slightly faster processor at 1.9GHz compared to 1.7 GHz for the HTC One but as far as apps and games go, both devices are well ahead of the pack. Most applications are built for basic smart phones and the high end devices can run these apps while reading the morning paper and flossing their teeth.

Both handsets also contain the standard 2GB of RAM for ample smart phone processing. The internal storage of the HTC One doubles the S4 with 32GB compared to 16GB but the S4 also features an external MicroSD slot for extended storage.

Both phones also run on the LTE network which offers users access to high speed Internet connections in coverage areas. The battery capacity of both devices is also very similar but battery life often is dependent on the different types of applications that are run.


In terms of development, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one Android version ahead of the HTC One 4.2.2 to 4.1.2. The different software packages are Touch Wiz UI to Sense UI and each one has a number of different features such as dual pointing cameras, facial recognition, the ability to hover and more. Depending on the application or game played these features are almost endless.

In terms of which smart phone is declared the winner that depends on the user’s budget, intended uses, and software familiarity but both of these high end devices are setting the benchmark for other Android smart phones to follow.

So guys, what do you think? Which is the best smartphone in Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One?


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