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Cut back to the day when the late Steve Jobs announced the iPad. Apart from the stunning device he showcased to a gawking audience, what surprised most people was his emphatic denouncement of the need of a flash player for the iPad. There is absolutely no doubt that the iPad has truly revolutionized the very way people work and entertain themselves on mobile devices. But moving on from Jobs’ unveiling of the iPad, it also had one major flaw in it; the inability to play flash based content.

This can be a major hindrance as there is a lot of flash based content going around on the internet including numerous games and adverts on websites. Until quite recently, there was no way to view flash content on iPads till the advent of the SkyFire Web Browser app that made it possible.

The Concept

SkyFire was developed to be an alternative/optional iPad web browser. It made its first appearance on the iPhone but following the enormous success, an iPad version has now been released. The main advantage of SkyFire is that it allows you to view flash based content on your iPad, but it also has some other worthy features.

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Design and Features

When you start the app for the first time, what strikes you is the similarity of appearance this browser shares with other web browsers for the iPad. Many people are of the opinion that it looks quite a bit like Mozilla’s Firefox due to its color scheme and we think it’s an additional brownie point. After all, familiarity is a good way to get more people to try it out. Although the program looks very simple, it is filled with features that will make your iPad web browsing experience better than ever. The user interface is pleasant and doesn’t leave you feeling lost or unsatisfied.

Coming to the main talking point of this application, an app to play flash based content is perhaps the best thing to happen to the iPad. SkyFire seamlessly allows you to try out flash content and does so without any stuttering or lag. This is possible as the app converts the flash content into a format that can be viewed on the iPad. It does this conversion well and the app will let you enjoy almost all types of flash content except for flash apps or flash games. All others work fine and the program even allows you to choose if you want to view any particular flash content.

Apart from the noteworthy flash content playing ability, SkyFire also allows you amazing social networking connectivity. The bottom of the app has a toolbar which allows direct access to social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. This does make sharing that much easier and also broadens the appeal of this app among a wider section of iPad users. Sharing of things over other services like GReader and Instapaper is also possible with SkyFire.

Summing It Up

Overall, the SkyFire web browser is a fantastic app and is ideal if you need flash content playing ability coupled with great social networking integration. For $4.99, this is highly recommended.

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