How You Can Increase your Google Page Rank in 10 Easy Steps

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A lot of bloggers always worry about how well their website Page rank in Google. Why wouldn’t they? A good rank is a reflection of the quality of your website; websites with good quality are rewarded with a better search result in Google.

Increase your Google Page Rank

So how can you get a good page rank in Google? Google analyze total number of backlinks, inbound links, internal links, external links, no-follow links, Do-Follow links to your blog and assign a numerical page rank from 1 to 10 to your website. Here are 10 steps you can follow to do just that.

1) Write quality content

This one is simple. A blog with good quality content will have better chances of being linked back to your website. So the obvious solution here would be to write high quality content on your blog.

People who will read your quality content will notice its good quality and will link back to you, earning you a good number of views. This can influence your Google Page Rank, so be sure to write good content.

2) Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts can earn you links, which can affect your Google Page Rank. What you do here is find blogs or websites with a high Google Page Rank and see if you can write guest posts for them; if they do, write a few posts for that website. People will notice you and in turn, can earn your blog visibility.

3) Submit Articles

You can also increase your Google Page Rank by submitting some of your articles to different social media sites like Google+ and Facebook. This essentially serves to promote your blog in different social media sites, which will hopefully attract new readers to your website.

4) Submit your blog to directories

High quality backlinks will result in a high Google Page Rank. What you can do here is submit your blog or website to different blog directories, which can earn you more backlinks simply by being part of a list of suggested sites.

5) Use Nofollow links

Effective use of the “nofollow” tag can help you get a high Google Page Rank. Use the tag to maintain all outgoing links from your blog; this should help you garner a higher Googpe Page Rank.

6) Regularly update your site

Google will prefer websites that updates regularly. Be sure to update your site with new content to earn a high Google Page Rank. After all, a site with no updates is considered a dead site.

7) Interlinking you webpage

Interlinking your posts to other posts help in attaining a good Google Page Rank. Be sure to interlink your blog post with your other posts.

8) Submit your website to an RSS directory

Submitting your website to an RSS directory can help you garner a higher Google Page Rank. Sites like Ablogin, Alltop, Blloggs, Myblogs and are highly suggested RSS directories, so if you can, submit your website to these sites.

9) Comment on Dofollow blogs

Commenting on Dofollow blogs is another quick and easy way to earn backlinks for your blog. Find some Dofollow logs that are relevant to your blog’s content and comment on them. This will help you earn a higher Google Page Rank.

10) Post links on forums

The last step would be to promote your blog in different forums. This will promote awareness of your blog, earning you more backlinks, and in turn, earn you a higher Google Page Rank. Remember that the more back links you have the higher your PR will be.


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