Google AdWords vs. Organic SEO: A Quick and Straightforward Comparison

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SEO or Search Engine optimization rules the online world today. Anyone who has a website or even a blog uses SEO to optimize their pages. This fetches the website higher search rankings by increasing its visibility to search engines. An online company, however, needs to strategize its SEO plans and for this, it needs tools such as Google AdWords (Pay Per Click). And then there is Organic SEO. Such tools drive genuine traffic to webpages and hence, must be considered by everyone who runs a webpage.

Google AdWords vs. Organic SEO

Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. They are quite different from each other. But from an SEO point of view, both are really good. If there are no restrictions on your budget, it is a great idea to get both as it will yield the best results.

Moreover, if one doesn’t work, you can use the other as a backup plan. But if your budget doesn’t allow you to do so, you will have to pick one. So which one will you pick? Here is a close comparison between the two to help with your decision.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is basically a PPC or Pay Per Click program. It requires you to pay according to the number of clicks received. If you don’t get any clicks, you don’t have to pay anything to google. When optimizing your website with the help of Google AdWords, the design or the layout of your site remains untouched.

However, when it comes to organic SEO, slight changes to the website might be needed. Once you use Google Adwords, traffic is driven to your site almost immediately. Also, the traffic driven to your page is completely genuine and real.

It is, however, an expensive program, costing way more than an Organic SEO program. Also, as the advertisements are place on Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), you have to keep paying Google to keep the advertisements there. Once the payment stops, the traffic driven to your site drops at once.

The rates, however, differ a lot, being more for aggressively competitive keywords and locations. Also, rival companies hire people to randomly click on your ads and waste your money. So Google AdWords is not all that foolproof.

Organic SEO

The biggest advantage of using Organic SEO programs is that you can change and strategize as you please. You need to make constant changes to your SEO plans to keep your search engine rankings higher up. Organic SEO is also is also relatively cheaper as compared to Google AdWords.

Organic SEO also lets you decide which page you wish to appear first on the list of search results. Organic SEO also allows you to use multiple keywords as opposed to Google AdWords which allows the use of specific keywords only.

Organic SEO is slow. The speed with which it drives traffic to your site is slow and it constantly needs re-strategizing. While Google AdWords gives you a chance to target specific areas and nations, Organic SEO lets you target a wider area on the map. The biggest disadvantage of using organic SEO is that it needs its investment upfront. Otherwise it becomes difficult to go ahead with the SEO plan.

After reading the above mentioned points, it should be easier for you to decide which one is good for you. Both are good in their own ways and if your budget allows it, you should go ahead and get both.

You can use Google AdWords to create the initial buzz and then follow it up with an Organic SEO plan. Whatever you may plan, the biggest decider is your budget.


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