Top 5 iOS Music Apps to Use in the Car

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Here are 5 best music apps for iOS. Music lovers have taken their enjoyment into the digital age. Not a lot of people actually burn CDs these days. In fact, inserting and removing CDs from your cars while driving can be a serious distraction. It could cause you to have an accident. When music players are mentioned most people think of an iPod or an iPhone.

There are tons of apps out there than can help you enjoy music while driving safely. Instead of searching for the right button to press while driving down the road you can enjoy hands free options while still grooving to your favorite tunes. The following apps are great options that allow you to safely enjoy your favorite music while driving.

Top Music Apps for Your Enjoyment

1. Flux Tunes


Flux Tunes is allows the user complete customization control. This app provides users with a sleeper timer along with dimmer settings. It also comes with a sensor that turns the app off when it is placed in your pocket.

The dimmer setting does not actually help to save a lot of battery life, but it is convenient nonetheless. This app is extremely affordable and worth every single penny.

2. Leech Tunes


Leech Tunes is extremely popular for a variety of different reasons. It is easy to see why users have fallen in love with this app. This app is gesture controlled and just like Flux Tunes, it is completely customizable. This app puts the user in control by allowing users to customize backgrounds and just about everything else imaginable.

This app also has the capability to search You Tube for videos, but this is not a feature that is recommended to be used while driving. This app cost less than three dollars.

3. Car Tunes Music Player


Get your groove on with Car Tunes Music Player. This app allows users to develop their own playlists. This is a great option for those on the go. You can develop a playlist before heading out on your commute. This can allow users to enjoy their own unique playlist without being distracted from the road.

This app costs around five to six dollars. It is a gesture controlled app that provides users with the ability to customize their gestures. This is one of the best apps, but it is a bit on the expensive side when compared to other apps.

4. Song Voo


This app is extremely affordable and is gesture controlled. This app is loved most by users who love social networking sites. Song Voo provides updates to social media sites of what you are listening to. This app is not perfect. It does have a few flaws. It is a bit complicated to use when driving. It also a bit expensive.

5. Swiper Music Player


Swiper Music Player provides gesture controls that are perfect for cruising down the road. One of the things that make this app great is that it is very affordable. It does not provide customization abilities, but it is still a solid app that is worth considering.

Other Apps worth Mentioning

There are a few free apps that are worth mentioning. Song Swiper is definitely a solid app. It does not provide any special features. It is a simple app, but it can provide you with hands free capabilities while listening to tunes and driving. There are free versions of Swiper Music Player and Leech Tunes available for you to take advantage of.

You should be aware that free versions of these apps have limited features and capabilities. While there are tons of other apps available, these apps are the very best.


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