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Google based Operating systems have become a familiar concept and the latest to join this trend is the Series 3 Chromebook 303C from Samsung.

Chromebook 303C

If you are not familiar with Chromebook, it is nothing but a laptop built on a simple idea. It is a compact, weightless and affordable laptop, which serves as a web browser and also has the capability to run additional apps.

Chromebook 303C Design

The EX303C12 comes in grey plastic and is reasonably slim. When the Chromebook is flipped, it reveals the large keyboard with a display screen of about 11.6 inches. Your wrists can comfortably rest on the laptop and type for longer periods with less or no strain. The keys are well designed enabling a simple touch to complete the job.

Chromebook 303C

The trackpad is pretty decent allowing single and two finger gestures, which is comfortable for most users. However, if you are a new user the absence of the ‘right and left click’ might seem a little strange, which you will get over within a short time.

Chromebook 303C Specifications

Samsung’s 303C weighs about 1.1 kg making it a perfect companion on-the-go. The laptop is built-in with

  • Dual USB slots
  • SD card slot
  • 3.5mm headphone
  • HDMI outlet

The 11.6 inch LED display screen looks large and delivers acceptable pictures with a 1366/768 pixel resolution. This Chromebook is a fair package for its reasonable price.

Hardware and Software

Samsung has rightly built its new device with the Google Chrome OS, which satisfies all your online requirements. You can also stay connected to the outer world with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB ports and SD card. Additional software can be included by means of web apps.


It is important to limit the software updates as the Chromebook consists of fewer components. MS Office is replaced with the ‘Docs/Drive package,’ which needs to be accessed by means of a Google account.

Google Chrome Operating System

Chromebook 303C is a web browser that comes with cloud storage for all your files. This requires you to be connected on Wi-Fi, so that files can be stored efficiently. The browser comes with the ‘desktop’ and a ‘start bar’ navigation, which appears at the bottom. The instant you connect to the Internet, the screen will open up to reveal tabs including Google drive docs, Gmail, Google + and other connections related to Google.

The windows ‘file manager’ can be opened when an SD card or USB stick loaded with files is inserted. The browser can handle some common file types like AVI and MP4. The Chromebook is pretty fast as it boots within 10 seconds and when awoken from sleep runs in 3 seconds. It is a good time saver.


Battery life of the machine can be extended when the apps are used only when required. The battery can stand for about six hours on a single charge. The machine is built-in with a reasonable number of apps and some are designed to run offline also.


Overall, the Chromebook is apt for performing everyday tasks. It works at a faster rate and is free from bloatware. It delivers an average experience and considering the fact that there are a variety of tablets in the market including Google Nexus 7, Samsung’s Chromebook 303C will have a tough journey ahead.


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