NOOK HD : A 7 Inch Monster Review

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Tablets are selling like hot cakes. Tablet is a segment which was created by Apple, But, now with so many other companies offering premium tablets at much cheaper rates, battleground is getting wider and crowdier.


Nook tablets created by Barnes & Noble and introduced in November 2011 , has since found it’s niche in the tablet e reader/media player segment. Barnes & Noble has introduced Nook HD  in November 2012, and with its exciting starting price point of $199, it certainly worth a look.

NOOK HD Features & Specs

Nook HD comes with a screen size of 7 inch. The size makes it easier to read your ebooks or consume media while holding the device in one hand. Nood HD claims to offer the highest resolution of  7 inch tablet .  It comes with a resolution of 1,440×900 pixels , that is 243 pixels per inch.

With best in class HD display, pictures and videos looks brilliant and much more sharper. With close to none glare, reading or viewing pictures on Nook HD is fun. Touch sensitivity is greatly improved. With fully laminated display, without any gap between display and its glass cover, it ensure faster response time, with minimal lag.

Deep inside , it is powered by Android 4.0.3. At the user front, the user interface is highly customized to give better ebook reader experience than a normal Android tablet. The content libraries are organized to make it easier to browse. With scrollable thumbnails, finding your content is a breeze. It offers upto 6 profiles, with the option for each profile to create their own library for more personal experience.


It has Dual Core Texas-Instruments OMAP 4470 processor. With 1.3 GHz on offer, browsing and multitasking is easier, faster and smoother. It has support for popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. It also supports Microsoft exchange active sync. With its calendar widget, you can sync your schedules too.

Coming to the battery life, on a single charge it gives 10.5 hours of reading or 9 hours of video time, which is really good. It has internal storage capacity of 8 Gb to 16 Gb, depending on the version you choose. All your contents are synced in Nook Cloud for free. You can also expand internal memory through micro sd cards and extend it upto 32 GB.


The one thing which is missing from this great device is a camera. If you are buying an ebook reader to click picture, then certainly Nook HD is not for you. But, apart from that it is a great buy. With price range starting from $199 for 8 GB version and $229 for 16GB version, it is deal to steal.


Vishal Gaikar

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