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Identity verification has emerged as one of the must haves in case a company has online presence. Until a few years ago, its use was mainly limited to big corporate houses indulged in large amounts of online transactions and small and medium ones never really cared about it.

Identity Verification Service

Things have changed dramatically in the recent past. For fraudsters, level of the company or activity or the amounts indulged in transaction do not really mean anything. For them, this entire system is a way to generate some instant cash. An up to date identity verification system is the need of the hour and can help in business running smoothly.

Addition of identity verification can help prevent unauthorized access, which in turn can lead to fraud and identity theft among others. However, hiring a special team for the purpose and investing in research and development of the systems is certainly not a good idea and can put a lot of pressure on the bank account.

This lead to the emergence of experts, who provide identity verification services, while charging a small fee in return. One such renowned offering comes from TeleSign. The company protects 2.5 billion downstream accounts in more than 200 countries, offering localization services in 87 languages.

TeleSign 2FA

The two factor authorization is certainly one of the best ways to keep hackers at bay and ensure a smooth and easy login. The user just needs to take up the service and register his mobile number with TeleSign.

While logging in to the associated account from a public place or changing the password, TeleSign is automatically notified and they send a verification code on the registered number via SMS or voice call. The user would only be allowed to proceed after entering the code thereby ensuring safety of information and money.

TeleSign Verify

TeleSign Verify has also proved its importance and efficiency in the recent past and allows one to verify the identity of a lead, individual or business. It makes ecommerce secure and also prevents bulk registrations. While logging in the user needs to enter his mobile number and a unique code is sent to the same by TeleSign. Once the user enters the same on website, he is verified.


TeleSign also has a huge database that contains details of the previous fraudsters and uses the same to prevent further issues.

Phone ID Standard

Phone ID Standard works in conjunction with other services of TeleSign; however, can be used alone as well. As soon as a person enters the phone number during a check out process of form filling among others, the company is notified about a few important details related to the same including the location. The customer’s browsing is not affected in any way, while the company can access the quality of lead or transaction.

Phone ID Live

Phone ID Live works in almost the same manner as Phone ID Standard with the only difference being that it helps to identify if the number is active and reachable or not.

The Verdict

The question that strikes the mind at this stage is whether the security offered is strong enough to protect in case of a fraudster attack. Well, the company is one of most well known names in the segment and with all the above features at their disposal, they are certainly one of the best options to consider and opt for against online security breaches.


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