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Nowadays, there are numerous mind-blowing website designs out there. Consequently, it has become increasingly difficult for web designers to come up with new innovations.

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Here are some great techniques that can help you create an amazing and unique website. Depending on the project at hand, these techniques can either be applied individually or combined.

1. Lighting effects and gradients

Lighting effects and gradients can be very useful for creating subtle, as well as dramatic effects. You can either mix them or use them separately. For instance, mixing lighting effects and gradients can create amazing header images.

However, mixing should be done with caution to avoid ending up with a design which is too busy. For best results, it would be advisable to use colors sparingly and limit the number of effects, as well as the intensity of lighting.

2. Vivid colors

One of the best ways of capturing the attention of visitors is by having vivid colors on your site. However, such colors appeal best to a younger audience. To keep your site from appearing too busy, make sure the colors used are in similar hues.

In addition, avoid having too much contrast between different elements on your site. For instance, if your background is green and the text blue, visitors will find it difficult to read the content.

3. Grunge

Grunge elements can play a key role in enhancing the overall appeal of a clean website design. You can also create an out rightly grungy site by mixing different elements of grunge design.

Some of the most popular grunge design elements include grungy fonts, torn paper, messy borders, splatters, muted colors and dirty backgrounds. Using one or more of these elements can add a new touch to your design.

4. Transparency

Transparency can be used to create very interesting designs. For instance, you can have a design involving a transparent box over an attractive background which could be a sketch, photo or graphic element. Besides enhancing your background, transparency can also make your text stand out. To improve your design further, you could consider adding an opaque border around the transparent box.

5. Muted colors

You can use muted colors to build a subtle and attractive website. When combined with darker or brighter colors, muted colors can cause specific elements of your site to become prominent. However, when it comes to muted colors, you don’t have to restrict yourself to browns or grays. Any hue can work as a muted color, as long as it is subdued or toned down.

6. Watercolor effects

Using watercolor effects in backgrounds, headers and other elements has become a very popular trend in web design. Depending on their transparency and the colors used, watercolor effects can either remain in the background or have a bold appearance. The use of such elements has been made easier due to the accessibility of watercolor Photoshop textures and brushes. Also Read – 10 Best Photo Editing and Photography Apps for iPhone.

7. Nature-inspired elements

Nature-inspired elements are common with websites which have environmental themes. Some sites use these elements in their icons and headers. Others have them as part of their background design. There are many other ways in which you can incorporate nature-inspired elements in your web design.

8. Oversized typography

Using oversized type can make specific text elements on your pages stand out. Such type sizes are normally used for headers and sub-headers. However, this does not mean that the text needs to be ridiculously large. All that is required to have a great impact is to make text elements one or two sizes larger than usual.

9. Vintage and retro elements

If you want to have a touch of nostalgia and fun in your designs, you could consider incorporating antique, vintage and retro concepts. Since such elements are rarely used, you can create a site which is very fresh and unique. You have the option of using elements to reflect the seventies, sixties, or even earlier years.

10. Hand drawn designs

Hand drawn elements can be used to give your site a very artistic and laid back look, without compromising its professionalism. Such elements can also evoke childhood memories in your audience. Photoshop offers icons, fonts and brushes which can be used to sketch great hand drawn elements.


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