Getting the Most Out Of Your Next Tech Trade Show

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When you head to a trade show, the reason you go is to get your name out there and see what else is happening in your industry.  Having a plan in place before you even walk in the door can help to ensure that you get the most out of the next trade show that you are planning to attend.

Tech Trade Show

You should walk away from one of these shows with a wealth of new knowledge, as well as plenty of new contacts.

Make it Know that You Are Attending

Some of the most important things you do will be done before you are even at the show. You want your current clients, suppliers and prospective clients to know you will be there. Head to your website and create a page specifically for the trade show and what you will be doing there.

Offer some incentives to those who will come by your booth. You do not want to just hope people will stop by. You want to give them a reason to so you can be sure that they will.

Make Sure You are on the Trade Show’s Official Website

You want to be on the radar and one of the best ways to do this is to get on the show’s website. To get on the website, just ask. Most will add you without a problem. If you are going to be speaking at the show, your shot at getting on the site are even better.

This is free exposure for your business so be sure to take advantage of it and include a link to your site and a short bio with your name.

Launch a New Product

A trade show is the perfect place to show off your new product or service. You want to be exciting and fresh because this will keep current clients happy and make you appeal more to potential ones. Make an event out of this product or service and make it your showcase. You want to show off everything else you have and/or can do as well, but this new product is going to be the focal point.

Make sure to add a new page to your website dedicated to this new product so potential clients and current clients can get a look at it. This will work well to build excitement.

Get someone who is an expert at marketing to help you build buzz and make the page as interactive and user-friendly as possible. You want to make it clear that those coming to the trade show will have the opportunity to check it out in person.

Follow-Up with Leads Immediately

You are going to get a lot of leads at a trade show. Some will not work out, but others could take your company to the next level.  The general rule of thumb is to follow up with all leads within four days. In this time period you are still fresh in their mind, as are your products or services.

At the show itself, you should be handing out literature about your company. This should include all contact information and hot points about your business. Above all else, you want your website address to be prominent.

Many people considering doing business with you want to learn more about you before they contact you. Your website is where they are going to be able to do this.


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