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We love music. No doubt about it. But finding one legal place to download all your favourite songs was always difficult. Songs were all scattered and the threat of mp3 downloads being illegal always looms over people.


Finally, a mp3 download website is bringing end to this problem, by making, finding and legal mp3 downloads possible, all at one single place.

We Love Music

Music knows no barrier. The love for music is shared across globe. Earlier it was difficult to find a particular song , depending upon your geographical location and time. With the advancement of technology, getting a song has become a breeze. You can easily search and download mp3 songs from internet.

Finding legal mp3 download sites is a problem

These songs are copyrighted and rightly so. Afterall a song is a result of the hard work of multiple artists and companies associated with it. In the last decade, several websites cropped up all over the internet, providing illegal downloads of the songs. It affected music industry badly, as people were consuming their product without paying anything.

Slowly and steadily music companies fought back and get successful in closing many of these websites. But, still there are thousands of other websites which are providing illegal mp3 downloads . Users get caught in this web, and most of the time, they don’t know whether a mp3 downloading website is genuine or not. is the single solution to all mp3 songs downloads is one place where you can be sure about the legal authenticity of the mp3 you are downloading. The availability over the internet of the materials is authorized by he licence number IT-08/10 of the Ukrainian public organization “Avtor” issued by Beowner Ltd.

With the legal stuff taken care of, it’s time to see some of the cool features. the cool way to download the music

Awesomeness of begins as soon as you signup with the site. When you create your own free account , you get two tracks for free. After that you can browse through your favourite artist, album and songs . You can preview a track for 60 seconds, before downloading it. If you like the track you can click purchase to make payment.

You can download your purchased mp3 songs from your download page. provides songs in mp3 format, so that you can play it in almost all of your devices. That is not all, you can also make ringtones from your purchased song on is a ringtone icon to be found next to each purchased track.

Choose the track you want to make a ringtone from and click the ringtone icon.You can select start and end time of the ringtone as well as the duration of it and fade in/out option is also available. After you are done, you can click create a ringtone button and you can download it in different format. is an awesome, cool and legal way to download mp3 tracks. You have to check it to feel it.


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