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The infographic is about the percentage of Americans who are using smartphones and the age group that usually own these devices.  This also shows how high is the number of people in the whole world prefers to use smartphones.  In the U.S. alone, 25.6% aging 25-34 years old are using smartphones, 20.7% are aging 35-44.

These are the people that could sustain phone services and maintenance since smartphone is an expensive device.  They actually have adjusted their expenditures to $67 on top of their budget.  There was a drop in other expenditures like food, apparel and non-phone entertainment.  While these were patronized by most adults, teenagers have a lower percentage of 6.3% who use smartphones.

Top global manufacturers who are also known as EOMs are also having a competition in the market.  The biggest OEM is Samsung followed by ZTE and Apple for iPhones.  The rest have a smaller market like Nokia and HTC.  The operating systems of these smartphones are the great influence to the sales of the devices all over the world.  The top operating system at the moment is Android which already reach 25 Billion application downloads where Apple reach the same figure 6 months ago.


More and more users in the present generation are fond of the features these devices are offering and even small children are using smartphones for their play and learn time.

This Infographic is Co-produced by CouponAudit and Tricksmachine.


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