Nokia’s Upcoming 10-inch Tablet – Rumors Roundup

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One of the leading manufacturers of mobile devices, Nokia has decided to foray into the competitive tablets market. With technology giants like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon already in the market, the Finnish manufacturer is in the wait and watch mode. They are on the lookout for the right opportunity to launch the product.

Nokia 10-inch tablet

They have fixed the Mobile World Congress that is to be held in Barcelona in Spain from February 25th to 28th in 2013 as its launch site. The news of the new tablet has been doing the rounds since March and was confirmed in September, when Nokia CEO Stephen Elop quoted that they were looking closely at the tablet market.

Nokia had initially planned to use a Qualcomm S4 processor and decided on a shipment of 200,000 units. However, Nokia dropped the idea after the mixed response for Surface RT of Microsoft. Nokia is silently waiting, the arrival of the Windows 8 version, the Surface Pro.

After carefully studying the market, it would decide on the volumes of the first shipment. However, there is speculation that Nokia would initially manufacture a lesser number of devices, for the first shipment and later on build on the volume.

Tablet versions that run on Windows 8 are also being planned, and would be launched later. The current versions that are to be released in the Mobile World Congress will be powered by the ARM chip and function on Windows RT operating system.

Nokia is in serious talks with Microsoft, Qualcomm and Compal Electronics for the 10 inch Windows RT Tablet. The attributes of the tablet have not been confirmed by sources. However, there are talks of several innovative features being added to the Tablet.

Nokia’s Upcoming 10-inch Tablet : Features

The Nokia 10-inch tablet will feature a perfect fitting cover that holds a keyboard and a kick stand similar to the Surface RT of Microsoft. However, the cover will provide for additional charging for the tablet, when it needs back up. The tablet itself has a 10-hour power back-up and what the cover provides add to the longevity of the battery. This is a desired attribute for many tablet users and would be a good unique selling proposition for Nokia’s new entry.

Nokia is currently working full swing on developing a technology that would increase the speed required for completely charging the battery. This would result in the battery being charged 50% in a short time span.

The design and construction would be similar to the Nokia Lumia series and reportedly, the body would be even slimmer than Nokia Lumia 920. The branding would also be in line with the Lumia series.


Internet connections via the usual modes like Wi-Fi is available, the differentiators here, is the possibility of cell phone internet connectivity.

Several Nokia fans all over the world are looking forward to the arrival of the 10-inch Windows RT Tablet. The USP of the Nokia 10-inch tablet would be the device cover for additional charging. This has created a buzz in the industry and amidst customers. We have to wait and watch to know, how effective a marketing strategy it is.


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