[How To] Add USB boot support to old motherboard

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You are just hovering around the internet and suddenly found an awing article which needs that you boot your PC using USB Drive. Stucked!!!!! Your PC is old and it does not have USB boot support. What will you do? Drop the idea?

Now you don’t need to do drop your idea all you need to have a revolutionary software known as PLOP BOOT MANAGER

Working of the software:-

We make a bootable disc and we insert it in our PC at start-up and it will automatically give you an option to boot from USB drive.


  1. Download the software (Link given at last)
  2. Write the image file provided into a CD using Nero Burning Tools or some other CD writing stuff.
  3. Then re-start the PC (make sure the bootable disc you just created is inside the CD Drive)
  4. Select your first boot device as your CD-ROM drive.
  5. The disk will automatically start a user screen where you can select the boot device.
  6. Select USB from the list.

Now you can boot your PC using USB Stick. So now show-off your friends how you can add USB support to their old PC’s and become Hot Tech.. among your friends.

Do try out this software and don’t forget to post your reviews in the comments section. Happy Booting 🙂

Download Plop Boot Manager


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