Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini to Launch at Oct 11 Event

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Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S3 mini in an event today in Germany. The Samsung’s Galaxy series has created and launched too many popular handsets and today they are going to launch another phone of the eminent Galaxy series and the name of this phone is “Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini“. Yes, that’s true the Korean based top mobile brand has finally announced the release date of this heavily rumored phone that is “October 11 2012”.

Without any doubt that is a great news for the Samsung’s Galaxy series aficionados. Following are some expected features of the Galaxy S3 Mini.

samsung galaxy s3 mini

Reportedly, one of the greatest features of this upcoming phone is its screen. It has the ability to produce absolutely spectacular colors and another good thing about its screen is that it is large enough to watch your favorite movies. So, from now you will never get bored when waiting in the long lines, because if you will have this stunning device then you can start watching your favorite movies or video clips anytime and anywhere.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Features

The original version of the Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Mini was hardly fitting into the pockets of most of the people, but Samsung is going to solve this problem and they are releasing the Galaxy S3 Mini that has a 4-inch display. The head of the Samsung mobile company briefly spoke about this device. He said that, this device is going to be called “mini” but Samsung do not feel that it is something like entry level device. It has the 4 inch screen with super AMOLED features. The resolution of this screen is about 800*480 pixels.

It has a super fast dual core processor of 1 GHz that allows its users to perform daily tasks with abundant ease. It is also a great hit when it comes to front and rear cameras. It has a VGA front camera, so you can easily make the video calls via Skype or through other networks. The rear camera on the Galaxy S3 Mini is of 5 mega-pixels, which is enough to capture and store the priceless memories of your life with phenomenal clarity.

Another great feature of this device is its HSPA+ technology. The term HSPA+ stands for “High Speed Downlink Packet Access”, which means now you are able to surf and download from the internet with fastest ever internet speed. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini will be the very first device of this brand which is going to release with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. You can also enjoy thousands of apps in this phone. The battery is at 1,500 mAh, a lower specification than that of the larger model, but is offset by the smaller processor and less battery-intensive display.

It is expected that the price of this extraordinary Smartphone will be anywhere around 399 Euros or $500. According to the Samsung currently they are not planning to release their phone in the countries like United States of America.

So, these are some of the expected features of this device, but to be honest, some information about ‘Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini” is just not more than rumors, while the other may not. However, one thing that is quite clear that we will get a perfect review of this device after its official release.

Update : Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini launched as Expected

Samsung has announced a smaller version of its Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, reducing the screen size by 0.8 of an inch to 4 inches. The phone largely shares the same features as the Galaxy S3, including Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, S Voice, Smart Stay, S Beam.

Specs wise it has a Dual Core 1GHz chipset, 5MP AF + LED Flash camera, 8Gb of memory (boostable up to 32GB with a MicroSD card), and a 4.0-inch WVGA Super AMOLED screen.

All features are same as I already mentioned them above in the article. Samsung’s German mobile shop lists the mini’s price at $516 versus $711 for the cheapest S III. What you think, it’s a fair price for Mini version of Samsung Galaxy S3?


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