Top 10 best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Apps

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Here are the top 1o best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Apps. Samsung released the new version of its smartphone-tablet hybrid Galaxy Note 2 at the Berlin Radio Show in August 2012 and it is expected to be released in the market by October 2012. The update to the biggest smartphone available in the market comes within one year of the release of Galaxy Note I.

Samsung Galaxy Note II apps

The Galaxy Note II functions both as a phone and tablet and has a huge 5.5 inch screen and an improved S Pen stylus. The new improvements to Galaxy Note promises to make the experience of using its large collection of apps even better. Below is the list of 10 great Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Apps.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Apps

1. S Memo


The S Memo app lets you to record all your ideas quickly. You can make a quick memo from any screen of your phone to record your ideas before you forget them. What makes this app different from others is that it lets you to make your memos in the form of voice recordings, text, handwritten notes through the stylus, and even pictures. You can also combine all of the above to record a memo. The memos can be edited, annointed, and shared with your family and friends. One of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Apps.

2. OmniSketch


OmniSketch lets you to produce great looking pictures with minimal effort. The improved S Pen in Galaxy Note II with its precision acts as a brush when drawing pictures. It has a total of 24 brush patterns to choose from. Some of the brush patterns available with this app are procedural so that you can draw designs and patterns automatically. The pictures can be stored in your local media gallery so that you can view or edit them later. The pictures can also be uploaded to an online media gallery and shared with others.

3. Soonr Scribble

Soonr Scribble

Soonr Scribble can make your Galaxy Note II into a great productivity tool for capturing your thoughts and ideas in the form of documents and sharing them when you are on the move. The app comes with a free cloud services account that should be created when you first install the app on your device. You can back up your files and documents in the cloud and can later edit, share and sync them with any other device online.

4. Catch Notes


Catch Notes is a free note taking app which allows you to record your experiences with ease. You can take notes, capture pictures, record voice memos, record your location on map, and attach reminders using this app. The notes which are created through this app are securely auto-synced to the cloud services account. Private tasks can be tracked well using this app through checklists. The checklists can also be shared with others to collaborate on to-do lists. One of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Apps.

5. Trip Journal Lite


Trip Journal Lite records your private and official trips using GPS route tracking. This app can transform your vacation. Using this app you can add your favorite places and destinations to your trips through automatic or manual positioning. The recorded trips can be shared with others on Google maps, Facebook, Google+, etc.

6. ComicBook!

ComicBook! is a comic book creation app with loads of features. You can turn yourself and your friends into comic heroes and villains in seconds. The S Pen can be used to draw any images on the top of your images. Other features of this app are: customizable captions, image filters, auto caption styles, built-in Facebook and Twitter sharing, licensed comic fonts, etc.

7. Monkey Write : Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Apps to Learn Chinese

Monkey Write  Learn Chinese

This Monkey Write app provides a fun and easy way to learn writing in Chinese language. It has an Introduction Workbook where you can easily learn writing Chinese by following the stroke numbers on the screen with the S Pen. When you are confident that you have mastered basic writing, you can turn off the Introduction Workbook and download more workbooks to practice.

8. Drawing Pad

drawing pad

Drawing Pad app is a great art studio which lets you to create beautiful work of art or keep your kids engaged. You can create your own art by using paint brushes, markers, stickers, roller pens, etc. Artworks are stored in the Drawing Pad Album which can be reloaded later to view or edit. The work can be shared through any other app that accepts pictures like Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, etc.

9. Zen Brush


Zen Brush allows you to enjoy the feeling of using an ink brush to write a note or paint something. Anybody can perform fluent strokes easily using this app. The painted artworks can be stored as images in your media library. Some other features of this app are: eraser, undo function, multiple (3) ink shades, 41 background style templates, etc.

10. 4shared Music


You can access and stream any music track on your device using 4shared Music. 15 GB of cloud storage space is available free with this app which can be used to store and download your favorite tracks. Playlists can be created to organize your favorite music files so that you don’t need to search for your favorite music files every time.

You can easily capture, create, and share more content on your new Samsung Galaxy note 2 using the above Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Apps. The new Samsung Galaxy Note II is also 4G enabled which facilitates better use of cloud services linked to many of the latest apps. If you know more Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Apps then share with us via comments below.


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