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Here are the best iPhone Apps for News Addicts. Just like coffee, it’s hard to last a day without the daily dose of news. For some people (maybe people like you), reading the newspaper is habit that’s hard not to have. But with technology kicking in and new things in the market that offer fast information even without the newspaper boys, news is something you don’t have to worry about. That’s especially true if you decide to sell iPhone 4 and get an iPhone 5!


With the new iPhone 5’s taller screen, reading your daily news is an experience worth blabbing about. Read all about iPhone 5 here. To help you with that, you can try these iPhone Apps for News Addicts.

1. NPR News


For those who always want to be in the know by using all sorts of media (like radio, TV and print), the best iPhone app for your craving is NPR News. This official NPR app gives you updates for all the local and national news on all platforms! You can listen to the news through their hourly updates and you can even create a playlist of all the news you’d like to hear that you can arrange in any order you like! For those who need to sell used iPhone just to get Wi-Fi connection, you could also download the stories and read them offline!

2. Newsify

The easiest and fastest way to receive news these days is through RSS feeds. Not only is news instantly sent to your readers or your email, it’s also easy to set up! There are hundreds of feed aggregators out there, but none of them look as pretty as Newsify. It not only makes all your feeds look like they’re newspaper clippings, it also arranges your feeds like a newsman would. It would arrange your articles by date and by importance based on headlines!

3. Reeder


If you’re the ‘article sharer’ kind of person, you’ll probably want to sell used iPhone for a new one and get a Reeder app. While the app seems a little pricey for an RSS reader, it sure is worth every penny because it’s a mix of functionality and share-ability (if there is such a word). You can easily read article after article without having to go back to the menu by just swiping through and you can also share the articles you like through Facebook, Twitter and Evernote!

4. Feedly


Not much of a newspaper lover? You can always opt for the prettier version and still get the news you want! Feedly, unlike Newsify, is also an RSS aggregator application that reformats your articles to look more pleasing to the eyes by making it look like it’s been ripped from a magazine! Another great thing about it is it’s free!

5. Readability


On the other hand, if you don’t like reading your news in distracting bold letters and graphics, the app for you is Readability. This article reading app makes the webpages you want to read look really simple and free from ads and distractions. Oh and it’ll also sync automatically from your Mac to your iPhone and iPad so you can read all you want on all platforms!

Do you know more iPhone Apps for News? If you are an android freak then read our article about News Apps for Android phones. Which app you use daily to read the news? Share with us via comments below.


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