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Here is the list of 5 best iPad Magazines for Kids. Unlike a few generations back when kids read physical books, magazines and play with real toys – everything seems to be virtual for them these days. With the dominance of gadgets like the iPad, this is what they mostly use to read, watch video clips, play music or games with.

iPad Magazines for Kids

If you’re a parent who is pining over the loss of the old fashioned way of flipping through real magazines and books because your kid would rather flick his or her fingers over the screen of the iPad, do not worry. Also read : 5 Interesting Kids books for the iPad.

There are actually apps which will bring back the joy of reading for your kids. An example is the numerous kids’ magazines which have versions that are downloadable on the iPad. Instead of paying for subscriptions to children’s magazines which your son or daughter might not even read, you can simply download them and make interesting articles more accessible to them.

5 Must-Download Kids Magazines for the iPad

Now, there are dozens of titles from different publications of children’s magazines that you can choose from. How can you decide which ones to download? Remember that as a parent, what you think might interest your kids may not be necessarily as interesting for them. A good rule of thumb to follow is to check out what the most popular online magazines are.

Kids certainly do follow trends and if they see that a particular magazine is popular with the other kids, they will be more than happy to virtually flip through its pages on their iPad.

Here is a list of the must-download iPad Magazines for Kids on Apple’s bestselling tablet computer:

1. Cricket Magazine for Kids By: Cricket Magazine Group

Cricket Magazine for Kids

Made by a publisher with the same name, Cricket Magazine for Kids is a great source of stories, puzzles, comics and games. Each magazine is released in an interactive digital form so aside from what the kids can read on their iPad, there are more features that they can enjoy.

This includes sketches and author bios, an “Ask the Author” feature, video, sound and other interactive features. When going for a long drive, make sure that this is downloaded in your iPad so that your kids can have a virtual magazine to flip through.

2. Discover Magazine By: Kalmbach Publishing, Co.

What was life like when there were still dinosaurs? What does a jumbo squid look like? These are a couple of examples of the articles that your kids can read on Discover Magazine’s iPad edition.

Discover Magazine is known for its fascinating reports and features about wildlife, science and technology, as well as the environment. Depending on your budget, you can pay for a one-year or one-month’s subscription for the kid’s edition of this magazine.

3. National Geographic Kids By: National Geographic Society

National Geographic Kids

Who hasn’t heard of National Geographic? Your son or daughter will surely be fascinated with the articles and interactive features of the kid’s version of the magazine which can be downloaded on the iPad. Once subscribed, your kids can read about animal stories, weird-but-true facts and readers’ experiences. Other fun features like fill-in word games, picture games, quizzes, puzzles and jokes are also featured in the magazine. This is one of the best iPad Magazines for Kids.

4.  Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine By: Time, Inc.

Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine

Do you have a son who’s obsessed with his favorite sports team? The Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine is perfect for kids who are into sports. The iPad edition of the magazine for kids features the profiles of some of the biggest names in sports who children can get inspiration from.

Action photography, instructional sports tips, interactive sports cards, cartoons and fun sports trivia are other features that your kids will surely have a blast accessing.

5. Timbuktu By: Elena Favili


One of the most well-reviewed iPad children’s magazines is Timbuktu. “Putting imagination in motion” is how Wired magazine described the app. When you download it on the iPad, kids can gain access to interactive stories, news articles, family-oriented activities and kid-friendly videos.

These fun, informative and interactive kids’ magazines for the iPad are apps that they will definitely enjoy accessing. If you know more iPad Magazines for Kids then share with us via comments below.


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