Five New Sports Apps for iPhone

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There are billion number of  iPhone applications have been downloaded and that in just over a year. A staggering. This phenomenal success attracted the sport stakeholders. Media, video games, utilities, you will find everything on the AppStore. We help you sort through a special iPhone apps. We have compiled a list of 5 New Sports Apps for iPhone, have a look;

Five New Sports Apps for iPhone

1. Official Green Bay Packers

This application is a must for all Packers players and is the very first application that has been launched officially by the thirteen times winners Green Bay Packers. You can get up to date news along with informative articles and instant updates of your team with this application.

The best thing about it is that it can also be accessed offline. While on the move, you do not require a connection to the internet to look up on your games etc. You even get to have extremely exclusive video of Packers, their schedule as well as current standings of particular teams.

2. MLS MatchDay 2011

This application launched officially for the Major League Soccer lets you follow the entire season from anywhere on the earth. You can watch upto a hundred and eighty games that will be streamed lived everyday and that will be accessible only with MatchDay.

The price is not much and has been decreased especially for the iPhone video package. The other features of this application include highlights of individual moments after their happening, complete highlights after any game is over, play by play live score, featuring of vide channels related to the game along with customization of the application to access favorite Club news channel, roster, tweets etc.

3. iTrailMap

This is an application which will come extremely handy if you are a frequent skier or snow boarder. This application allows you to view high resolution maps of the trails which you may want to access for your snow sporting activities.

Along with information about the trails one can also access information on the resorts and hotels that will be open and empty for the season so that boarding and food do not become a problem. It is necessary to have an internet connection to download all of these details but you can always access data stored on this application even when you do not have an online connection.

4. Golf Digest Magazine

This online magazine application features links to satellites of Google views on the top hundred public golf courses across the world and across all of America. There are also thousands of pictures of golf courses that will stun you. These pictures even include full screen shots which are amazing.

Along with these brilliant things you also get to view the rankings of the fifty best links in the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. The application also lists the greatest golf courses situated near airports so that if you are stuck at any one of them then you can enjoy your golf there.

5. Football Connect

This application is unique from the other gaming applications in that you can play with your favorite teams on any game day. You can also cheer for your team online along with matching rivals online. This application features methods of playing with friends against foes with every single NFL game, joining Facebook and challenging people for a game, featuring all the NFL teams so that you can pick and choose and start a game.

You ca even use swap to change players as well as events of the game board. The most exciting thing about this application is that you can earn reward points every time you get a game to watch. one of the best Sports Apps for iPhone.

So guys, do you know any Top Sports App for iPhone like above listed iPhone apps which are popular like Sky Sports iPhone App and Fox Sports iPhone App. If you know then share with us via comments below.


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