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Apple new iOS 6 has been already in the market since the company launched the latest of its product called the iPhone 5. Most of the reviewers are very much positive that the new iOS 6 will provide them with better and smarter phones. Apple on the other hand did not fail to impress their avid users of the things that are very much expected from them. iOS 6 indeed offered a variety of changes to the iPhone products since its ancestor 4s was been released in the market.

iOS6 review

This article will give you details on the new features of the iOS 6. It will also discuss the new developments of the iOS 6 in VoIP communication. To start with the review let us start with:

1. New look

The home screen look of the new iOS is not quiet seen to have total change. The old apple screen with gray background is still present. It still has ripples which suggest freshness of the product. The map and the YouTube are taken from the home screen. The logo of the map is a little similar to the Google map application. However, when you open the application, you will be surprised of the changes.

2. Apple Maps

The iOS 6 has been applauded because of its superb changes in its map. Past iOS depend their maps on Google. Now, apple has 3D maps which shows buildings, houses and streets in a 3D view. Because of its powerful iOS 6 system, appleā€™s map can be integrated in most of the applications of the apple. Before, only social media sites are the only lucky apps to have authority to integrate map application to their sites.

But as per my review, iOS 6 Maps are so bad, and now Apple is suggesting we download other map apps. I can say that “Apple’s Maps app has been a bit of a disaster since its launch with iOS 6”. Google maps is anytime better than Apple maps, no doubt.

3. Passbook

The new feature of the iOS 6 is the Passbook which allows users to have paperless tickets for the concerts, movies and even airplanes. This application was developed to provide users opportunity to manage their accessibility. During concerts, users can just present the phone screen for identification and verification.

However, the success of this application will be depending on the third parties that commit to this kind of system. On the lighter side, this application will be the window for opportunities that this system is possible. With further developments, it will be a great help in the preservation of our environment and the world.

4. VoIP capabilities

The new iOS 6 is equipped with new VoIP capabilities that provide its users chance to enjoy their personal lives. For example, the do not disturbed sign is now available. The phone has this automatic answering machine which answers calls with a txt message or a pre-recorded call set depending on the preference of the user.

Skype and other VoiP software can now enjoy much clearer video and voice call because most of the iOS now is installed in Apple gadgets with 4G capacities and with high resolution cameras. However, the most interesting part about this new iOS 6 is that VoIP functions can be integrated to the built in functions of the phone.


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