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Recently Apple launched iPhone 5, and here are some best iPhone 5 apps for you. There are a large amount of apps that are available for the iPhone and provide a great deal of benefits for anyone that may be interested in anything that has to do with skateboarding. There are several versions and types of skateboarding apps that are available for almost any type of interest that you have in skateboarding.

There are skateboarding game apps, trick apps; skate park locator apps, skate video apps and many more. Below is a list of the top 10 apps that are available for the iPhone in the category of skateboarding:

1. Skater Nation


If you were ever a fan of the Tony Hawk skateboarding games that had been made for the gaming consoles than this is the app for you. This app will allow you to conduct a series of tricks and complete missions, but is all bundled up nicely in the convenience of your iPhone.

2. Tony Hawk Trick Tips

This is the perfect iPhone app for the beginning skater. It will guide you on how to complete some of the best beginning tricks through photos and video. The average price for the app is around one dollar, and can teach you up to 50 tricks.

3. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2


Tony Hawk is one of the most well known skaters of all time after all, and he is definitely the most recognized name is the world of skating games and marketing. This is an app of extreme sports gaming and is a great addition to any iPhone.

4. GoLearn Skateboarding

This is quite a beneficial app for anyone that wants to learn to skate or is already an avid skater. It comes complete with a park locator and instructional videos for everything from repairs to tricks. The average price is around two dollars.

5. Stick Skater

Stick Skater is explained in the name. It is fun simple gamer where you have a stick person skater as a character that you will guide through conducting skating tricks.

6. Skateropolis

This app is a must for the avid skater. Not only will it help locate skate parks throughout the country, but it will provide an excellent set of online community support as well as a direct link for uploading your own personal skate pictures or video. The app costs around two dollars and is an excellent addition to any skater’s iPhone.

7. Skate It


This takes the enjoyable part of the Sim world and combines it with the Tony Hawk skating games. It is not quite up to par with some of the other skating games available, but it is fun and rather inexpensive.

8. Sk8 Dice

This app combines some of your favorite games all into one. Sk8 Dice is like taking dice, the game horse, and skating and combining them all into one fun app. This is generally at least a two player game where 3 dice are rolled that will decide the trick, if the first player completes the trick then it is up to the 2nd player to complete the trick as well or risk getting a letter.

9. Mike V: Do or Die

You may prefer Mike V over Tony Hawk, and now you can select the app and enjoy playing Mike V’s skating game.

10. Concrete Wave Magazine

This is simply the app for Concrete Wave Magazine. It will allow you to view pictures, read articles, and it will even let you see the comments and message boards.

There are many other skating apps that are available, but these have the strongest ratings with the smallest amount of cost associated with them.


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