Top 7 Stunning Financial Software for Windows

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With the help of Financial Software for Windows, you can easily conduct your business and trade over the internet from the comfort of your home or office. You can easily perform binary options trading and stock trading from the realms of your home PC without moving an inch with the help of these applications.

Financial Software for Windows

Here is a list of top seven Financial Software for Windows that can help you do trading right from your own computer.

Financial Software for Windows

1. Options Vue

Options Vue is one of the best binary options trading software for Windows available in the market. Prepared by PFG Best, the software is capable of providing you real time quotes and updates regarding the trades happening in the market. The software offers a great evaluation of the assets and stocks in order to help you decide whether to ‘call’ or ‘put’ on the given stock/asset.

In simple terms, Options Vue can really help you in doing binary options trading with its excellent interface and impressive technical support.

2. Peak Access

Peak Access is one of the best stock trading software for Windows. It is highly useful for stock traders who are looking for a reliable utility as it can provide information about stock values and prices on a constant basis without the need to refresh the information repeatedly. Moreover, it also shows you the price variations in your own stocks while also providing you information about the prices of other stocks.

Moreover, Peak Access has a great analysis tool too, which holds all the information regarding a particular stock that helps you in deciding whether to invest in the stock or not.

3. Meta Stock

Meta Stock is another impressive stock trading application for Windows that guides its users about how to invest intelligently. You can set your own preferences in Meta Stock so that it displays info about only those stocks in which you are interested. The software filters the information of stocks available according to your preferences and only provides you update about those particular stocks and shares.

The software has a great analysis tool which analyzes the stocks and predicts how the stocks are going to perform in the coming few days and months so that you can easily invest.

4. Best Penny Alerts

Best Penny Alerts is a great software application for Windows. The utility enjoys a great reputation amongst the people. The software has a great analysis system and it only provides you update about the best performing stocks in the market.

The software is different from other stock trading software utilities as it focuses on penny stocks rather than high valued stocks and since the amount of risk in investing in low valued stocks is less while the profits are usually higher, the software can be very helpful for young investors.

5.  Mirror Trader Copy Trading Platform

Mirror Trader is a flexible and powerful copy trading platform that allows inexperienced traders to follow the trading strategies of traders with a proven record of success and copy their trades. This software allows setting different levels of automation – from full auto to manual execution of real time market signals.

6. Stock Assault

Stock Assault is an impressive overall financial application for Windows that facilitates analysis of stocks. The way the software analyzes the stocks is the best and even though the software isn’t as great as other trading utilities when it comes to providing updates about the market, the way it analyzes stocks is highly impressive.

It analyzes the entire performance record of the stocks and then evaluates whether it is safe to invest in them or not, thus, making your job as an investor easy.

7. Quote Tracker

Quote Tracker is a great finance software utility for PC that can help you do all sorts of trading with ultimate ease. The software is great for day traders, position traders and swing traders and offers great financial charts for its users with real-time updates.

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