Converting iTunes To MP3 in Few Simple Steps

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Want to convert iTunes To MP3 in few steps? Keep reading. We all love to listen to songs and if you have iPod you must purchase songs from the iTunes store. You can play these songs only at your iPod. You might get frustrated when you cannot play these songs on any other player. The solution of this problem lies is converting iTunes to the MP3 format. This might look easy but actually its bit technical.

iTunes To MP3

It is difficult to convert iTunes to MP3 format as the iTunes music is encrypted. It has been done to stop the piracy and duplication of iTunes songs. These songs can be played on a particular type of media player only and that is the reasons they are called as DRM protected songs.

It is a general misconception that conversion of iTunes to other formats is really difficult, actually it looks difficult but in reality it is not. You can easily convert iTunes to MP3, it’s simple.

Conversion of Non-protected Files

Follow the simple steps and convert iTune to Mp3 easily. I hope you guys have iTunes 8 or later version installed on your machines. So let’s get started.

  1. Launch the iTunes > Select the “Edit,” “Preferences,” and “General” menu options.
  2. Click the “Importing” menu options and save all these changes.
  3. Restart iTunes.
  4. Go to the music library
  5. Right click the music track to convert to MP3.
  6. Choose the “Create MP3 Version” or “Convert Selection to MP3” depending on version of iTunes installed on the computer. There will now be copies of the song in the library; one stored in AAC format and one in MP3 that can be downloaded or burnt to CD/DVD.


If you want to convert all iTunes to mp3 together then follow this steps :

  1. Press “Control” and “A” to select all songs
  2. Push “Advanced” at the top
  3. Choose “Create MP3 Version” option
  4. Just sit back and wait for the conversion to complete.

On the other hand, if it is protected, you will get a message that this file is protected and you cannot convert it. In this case, you have to follow the other process which is as follows.

File Protection Elimination

Take a blank CD and burn iTunes in this CD. You have to record it as an audio CD. If you record it as a data, the protection will remain as such and you will not be able to convert the files. Make sure that you are using the iTunes for burning. You can record music files according to the capacity of your CD. There will be a bar, which will see the space status of your CD.

After that select any music file and select convert to MP3. For more than one files, you have to use CD emulator. This will help you in case of large number of files.

Protection Process

The reason behind this conversion is the liberty to play the music anywhere. If iTunes are new for you, you will be annoyed to know that you cannot play iTunes music anywhere else. On the other hand, MP3 is open source; you can play it on any music player. Mp3 is favorite player, widely used on computer and other portable players.

iTunes are in AAC or M4P formats, which are accessible through Apple gadgets only. Apple insists that they do this protection to save the quality of sound. Some customers find it really annoying, for their convenience there are different ways of file conversion.

Software for Conversion

Majority of software’s are amiable for the iTunes to Mp3 conversion format. You can easily change them by following the method, which is stated earlier. Some find it difficult, for such people there are different software’s available online which can help them to easily convert their iTunes to desired music format.

Do you know more tricks to convert iTunes to mp3? Share with us via comments below.


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