8 Free Alternatives To Adobe Photoshop

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Lets face it, Adobe Photoshop is expensive! Here are some cheaper alternatives to Adobe Photoshop to get the job done.  Adobe’s Photoshop has been around for a number of years and is most photo editor’s number one choice when it comes to image editing software.

The amazing facilities offered by Photoshop come at a price so what other available software gives you similar functions for a lot less? Find below the list of 8 free Alternatives To Adobe Photoshop,

Free Alternatives To Adobe Photoshop

1) GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)


GIMP is a basic image editing program that is free to download. It’s an extremely popular alternative to Photoshop and offers similar features namely image painting, cropping/resizing, editing from the histogram, auto correction of lens distortion, clone and healing tools and can also allow the user to animate and edit animation material.

2) Photoshop Express


A free download available from Adobe themselves. Express is a basic photo editing package that is simple to use and gives an introduction to some of the more advanced features available in Photoshop Elements 10 and CS6. Also available as a mobile package for Android phones and gives the user 2gb of online storage.

3) Splashup (formerly Fauxto)


Splashup is a website which allows all of the basic editing you would expect in a user-friendly way. Good layout (which looks familiar to Photoshop users) and can be accessed within seconds of being on the website making this a popular option.

4) Be Funky


This website has been designed with a fresh look to appeal to newcomers or amateur photo editors. Be Funky basic is free to use and also has a mobile app that is downloadable and runs alongside the main site. Be Funky Premium and Professional offer advanced photo editing options that are comparable to Photoshop and are available for a small monthly subscription.

5) Photoplus Starter Edition


Photoplus Starter Edition is a creation of Serif and comes highly recommended. The free download option gives you everything you need to edit and enhance photos including repair features and image alteration options. There is access to online help and an online community to share photos, ideas and hints and tips.

6) Photofiltre


This downloadable French program is an easy to use editor (in English!) which encompasses all of the major features you need to improve and edit your photos easily and efficiently. Features include filters, masking, cropping and editing and batch editing.

7) Lunapic

Lunapic’s website offers a massive variety of editing tools and can work with files up to 20mb. The layout is accessed via drop-down menus and is quick to respond. It can also down and upload pictures to and from the major social media sites and allows users to create flyers, photo collages, calendars and some impressive animations.

8) FotoFlexer

FotoFlexer, like Lunapic above, allows direct feeds to and from social media sites and allows the user access to most of the basic editing facilities. The drops and tabs are easy to use and are designed for quick manipulation and sharing of images.

Do you know more Free Alternatives To Adobe Photoshop? Share with us via comments below.


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