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If you are a blogger then you have to interact with the other bloggers to stay updated with the latest happenings in the blogging world. I have compiled a list of some points which I think really important while interacting with other fellow bloggers. The following are some basic principles which can help you interact better with other bloggers.

1. Be patient

It usually takes time to build meaningful relationships. You should therefore take time to know the other person and build trust. If you rush things, you might end up putting other bloggers off.

2. Give generously

Being generous is one of the best ways of building relationships with other bloggers. Help them succeed by encouraging them or telling other people about their blog. When you meet another blogger for the first time, don’t start by requesting them to link to you. Instead, offer to help them in any way. However, don’t allow people to take advantage of you because of your generosity.

3. Be open

Don’t ever try to deceive bloggers with whom you are building a relationship. Be very transparent about what you require out of the relationship. Make sure all your interactions are mutually beneficial.

4. Prove yourself

If you are a newcomer, it might take some time before your presence is felt in your niche. Other bloggers will be waiting to see if you are consistent and as well as conversant with the subject matter. People will be more willing to interact with you when they see your consistency, as well as the contribution your blog is making to the niche.

5. Explore neighboring niches

While building relationships with other bloggers within your niche, don’t ignore those who are in neighboring niches. You might just find great opportunities to network with other bloggers outside your niche.

6. Ask questions

Asking many questions is a great way of building relationships. Many bloggers make the mistake of interacting with pre-determined goals and agendas, but not taking time to listen to listen. When networking with other bloggers, take time to find out what their objectives and goals are. This will not only create a good impression, but will also enable you to find out what you have in common.

7. Have an introductory pitch

To network more effectively, you need to have a concise statement which articulates who you are and what you can do. From the onset, people should know what you are all about and what you can offer. This will make it easier to start and build relationships with other bloggers.

8. Be a connector

A relationship doesn’t have to be limited to you and the other person. When someone has a problem that you can’t solve, you can refer them to someone else who can help. Both parties will be very grateful for the connection and will want to interact with you more.

9. Don’t overstretch yourself

If you attempt to apply too many techniques in networking with other bloggers, you might find yourself too busy to blog. You should therefore select only a few strategies which are suitable for your niche and personality. Don’t rush to build relationships with too many bloggers. Focus on interacting with a few so as to make a better impression and build stronger relationships.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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