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Here are the 5 must have Chrome Extensions. Most of you would be used to Firefox from Mozilla, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Google Chrome from Google. These are all excellent web browsers, each with its own specialty and plus points. Apple recently introduced several features and extensions for their web browser, Safari.


Today, extensions are required by almost every category of PC users as they help enhance your experience while surfing on the Web. All the web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer have great functionality which you can see in the form of add-ons that you have become so used to by now. These add-ons are very user-friendly and can be quickly downloaded without any difficulty.

Till a few months ago, it was Microsoft’s Internet Explorer that was the most preferred browser, with most PC users opting for it. The situation has now changed with Google Chrome nudging Internet Explorer off the first place to claim it for itself. Not without reason too, Chrome has close to 50,000 Google Chrome Extensions that users can take advantage of. Of these, a few are very good as they are user-friendly making you feel like they are built-in features rather than Google Chrome Extensions.

Here is a list of the best 10 Google Chrome Extensions:

1. Awesome Screenshot

Most often, while you are browsing the Web, you come across an interesting bit of information that you would either like to share with friends and family, or save for future reference. At that nick of the moment, it is best to take a screenshot which captures the entire page as it is, and can be saved conveniently.


However, Awesome Screenshot does just that and some more as well. It gives you the option to choose the entire page or any portion of it. Once the image is captured, you can even edit it by trimming away what you feel is not absolutely necessary. What’s more, you can make annotations and save the image or even add it to the clipboard.

2. Clipper by Clipboard

Clipboard now provides you with a Clipper extension for Chrome that lets you save virtually anything online. It can be text, flash applications, images or HTML. These can be tagged and annotated after clipping, and saved to your Clipboard instantly.


You can view the saved information anytime on your profile on Clipboard. What’s more, you can even publish the clips if you wish or keep them for your private viewing.

3. Chrome to Phone

You need to have an Android driven device for this extension. In that case, you may install Chrome to your phone app and from there launch it to your Phone extension icon that you find on your browser. Almost instantly you will be enabled to move any of the web links, phone numbers and maps to your device running on Android.


You can open and view the information at leisure and even while you are on the go. This is an extension that is essential for all Android device users.

4. RadioPlayer

This is an extension that suits UK residents who are interested in enhanced sound effects on radio. RadioPlayer is an online feature that lets you have access to radio stations across the United Kingdom & Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands & the Isle of Man. You get access to over 320 radio stations, if you have the time to tune in, you can rock to your favorite genre of music, shows and podcasts, all directly from your web browser.

radio player

You do not need any extra software, and you can save your favourite channels and bookmark them preset them the way you want, so that they play the instant you tune in next.

5. Send from Gmail

There are several Gmail extensions that you can find on the Chrome Web Store, only a few are good and worth trying out. Send from Gmail is one such extension that is user-friendly and useful at the same time. You can save time by composing mails right from the extension bar, rather than navigating to your inbox and selecting compose.


You just need to click a button to create a Gmail message, where the page title becomes the subject and whatever text you have selected on the page becomes the message. It is quite handy and saves you a lot of precious time.

So that is my list of Google Chrome Extensions. I hope you like them too.


Vishal Gaikar

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