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When it comes to technology, society has gone mad; today’s hi-tech gadgets are some of the most creatively-stunning and innovative products imaginable. At the very top of this mechanical food-chain is the iPad, sleek and slender in design, and brimming with a multitude of ingenious functions available to its user.

But such is the customer’s choice that there are plenty of other gadgets out there, equally as powerful, and here are some of the best:

1. Amazon Kindle Fire


This is a computer-tablet version of Amazon’s fast-selling Kindle E-book device, and it comes with a screen-size of about 7 inches, as well as a built-in multi-touch display and a storage space of 8GB. With a full range of diverse apps to choose from, it’s incredibly simple to use and makes for a much easier online-browsing experience.

2. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime

Arguably the top tablet aside from the iPad, the Transformer Prime is a pristine model that comes with a docked key-board which, when attached, turns the device into a fully fledged notebook. It’s also the thinnest tablet-computer out there, making it considerably easier to carry around. With a built-in memory of 32-64GB and 18 hours of battery life, this device exudes productivity.

3. Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD

This device warrants inclusion on this list for its stunning screen clarity in terms of pixel resolution. Using a multi-touch display IPS LCD glass, it’s really quite an impressive achievement and is definitely the key feature. The screen is 10 inches, and combined with the 4G LTE connectivity, streaming videos and music will never be so smooth and serene.

4. Sony Tablet S

A window for immersive entertainment is what this device promises and thoroughly delivers. A combination of Sony’s achievements have been brought together to form this one powerful device, with a 9.4 inch multi-touch display screen, Wi-Fi ability, Bluetooth and an Infra-red sensor. Designed sleekly and with a slight asymmetrical pattern, this product may be expensive, but it deserves to be with all the built-in functions it exhibits, catering to all techno-junkies out there.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

In a way, this is a tablet-computer and a phone; a craftily designed hybrid, the Samsung Galaxy Note comes in at a size of 5.4 inches, larger than a smartphone, but smaller than that of a regular tablet. With its S-Pen Stylus, users are able to really take advantage by editing notes and documents as well as manipulating images with its easy-to-use screen and display.


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