10 Best Responsive WordPress Themes of the Year 2012

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For those that are unaware of what Responsive WordPress Themes is here is a quick explanation in its simplest form: like the name suggests, Responsive WordPress Themes is a style of web development where web content appropriately reacts i.e. “responds” to the device that the page is being viewed on.  Coding will automatically change so that the content adapts to the new device, whether that device be a smartphone, iPad or some other e-reader.

So for example, even though you may have created a website with coding that is used exclusively for desktop browsers, a Responsive WordPress Themes will automatically change the coding so that everything—images, text, and navigation—fits properly on a smartphone so users can get the same desktop experience.

This means that you can reach a larger target audience—especially college-aged and young professionals who switch back- and-forth from multiple devices the most.

The same responsive technology can be used on blogs too.  That said, below are some of the best Responsive WordPress Themes of the year that you should definitely utilize to take your business, recreational, or student blog/portfolio to profound heights.

1. Evolution Responsive WordPress Themes

Evolution Responsive WordPress Theme

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Released earlier in March from Elegant Themes, this standard but beautifully crafted theme is our top winner.  Equipped with four color schemes, a massive short cut library, widget-ready sidebars, and custom thumbnail images, this theme definitely identifies with its name Evolution. Price: $39 for unlimited access to all other evolution themes, a real bargain.

2. Modernization

Demo & Download

This theme from ThemeForest may have been one of the first of the bunch to launch this year, but it’s still one of our favorites Responsive WordPress Themes. What we like in particular is the fact that it has one of the most impressive (and easiest) page builders with its drag and drop module. It also comes equipped with unlimited color and sidebars and more than 350 fonts. Price: $50

3. Zig Zag

Demo & Download

This theme, also launched by Themeforest, was originally released in 2011, but the updated 2012 version is so much better. Although it is still not widget-ready, this theme is great for those wanting to create a professional and seamless portfolio online. It’s really ideal for photographers. Price: $45. One of the best Responsive WordPress Themes.

4. Reaction Theme

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This theme was actually released late last year, but it made this year’s cut for one specific purpose: its dark color schemes.  It oozes sophistication and is the perfect theme for any masculine portfolio, website, or blog. Price: $50

5. Super Skeleton

Demo & Download

This widget –ready responsive theme isn’t only a beauty to look at because it showcases a graphic as the header, but it’s superfast to upload and is SEO-ready too. It comes with three minimalist skins. Perfect for a magazine blog. Price: $45

6. Grid port

Demo & Download

Grid Port from Store Front is one of the best e-commerce themes in the biz this year.  With clean crisp colors and a minimalist design, this theme really allows customers to exclusively focus on your merchandise with means you have a higher chance of a making a sale. What also makes this theme special is its fluid grid layout and pop-up shopping carts that appear flawlessly on smartphones. Price: $59

7. Rising – Fully Responsive WordPress Theme


Demo & Download

If you really want to give your blog some personality, downloading Rising will do the trick. It has three columns, each one easily adapted to the desktop, iPad and smartphone. Price: $45

8. SmartStart

Demo & Download

SmartStart is really clean in its appearance, which means that it will aid in user functionality. It’s ideal for any gender-neutral website and comes with all of the standard responsive bells and whistles. Price: $45

9. Notes

Demo & Download

This crafty little theme from themify.me was once an iPhone app under the same name. Now it has evolved into a full-fledged theme. What’s so special about it? In a nutshell, it’s one of the premium Responsive WordPress Themes designed with bloggers in mind. Meaning, those who just love to write and not post gallery of photos or products, will really enjoy this theme a lot.  Price: $39 (Buy one get one free)

10. WP Clear Video

Demo | Download

Rounding up our list is WP Clear Video. If your blog focuses on videos or perhaps you want to post videos of your work— broadcasts, video productions, music videos etc .—or your business focuses on video marketing to make sales, then this Responsive WordPress Themes from Solo Stream is the perfect theme for you.  Price: $59.

Do you know more Responsive WordPress Themes which you think they are best , Let us know via comments below.


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